I burned my hand making ice water this morning.

The water at work tastes horrible. But the ice maker and coffee makers have filters build in. So to get ice cold water one must fill a cup up with ice the use the little spiget on the coffee maker to fill it with boiling hot water. I have 34oz travel mug I use. So this morning I was filling the mug with water when someone said hello. I moved my had just a little to the left with resulted in a second of hot water rain down on my knuckles :eek: . Needless to say it hurt and my skin turned red. Luckily after I put ointment on it the soreness went down and by the end of the day. So anyone else injure themselves in a strange, counterintuitive way recently? :smack:

My friends all gave me a weird look last week when I told them the painful scrape on my finger was from doing laundry. Scraped it transferring my towels out of the dryer.