I call a gathering of the Anti New Years

Who else think’s New Year’s Eve has just become the ultimate put down of anyone’s existence?

An entire day to remind you that your life is just as crap as last year and despite thinking something will turn out better you are right back where you started, only tired and bitter at the futility?

I’ll be here, continuing my tradition of sitting alone in the dark, drink in hand, fag in the other. Who fancies joining me?

Eh. This holiday season has been fairly crappy for me. And I’m afraid to admit that this January my financial situation will be much, much, much worse than it was last year. So I can sympathize with the OP.

However, I must add that I am grateful that I have my boyfriend now who makes me act a little bit more sensibly. And forces me in ways that he doesn’t even realize to be a closer to ‘normal’ person and a bit more of a social person than I would be otherwise. And for his positive, yet unexpected, influences on my life I am truly grateful.

All in all. Life goes on and we just have to do the best we can.

raises ones glass

Bring pie tomorrow. cheers

I boycott out of principle. I just can’t have fun when it’s compulsory to do so-all the streamers and noisemakers and countdown and YOU-MUST-BE-MERRY! WHY AREN’T YOU MERRY??? Besides, for us northern hemi types, who wants to go driving around late in the middle of frost and sleet season? I say we change it to the first day of spring.

Always Brings Pie, stow that positive attitude! I, for one, will be here with the tick, resisting the temptation to buy in to false hopes and promises. Promises that, were they sincere, would have been made when conceived and not stashed away for a fashionable mass-outing of quasi-heartfelt “new beginnings.” Bah!

Screw it, if things weren’t beginning to change 3 months ago, tonight won’t be any different.

  • wanders off searching for a straight razor *

I’m thrilled for the New Year to come ringing in. At midnight I will be at a friend’s house, champagne in hand, screaming, “Good fucking riddance, 2007!” at the top of my lungs.

Sounds like somebody has a case of the Mondays!

Damn straight. That’s pretty much what I’ll be doing.

Tell your friend I’ll be a little late.

Exactly. Tonight is not a magic night where the omniscient slate is wiped clean. It’s Monday. Tomorrow will be just another day in the 25,000 or so we will have and will live in our lives.

So cheers to Monday!

I always think people who say things like this are why people have cases of the “Mondays”.

This is not an attack on you Auto as I found it to be quite a good quip…unless you said it in that annoying cheerful baby voice that people use. Then I might go Stewie Griffin on your ass.

Close. I’ve got a case of the 2007s. I’d list everything awful that’s gone down this year, but I’m afraid I’d crash the server.

tdn, I’ll save you a seat.

Yep, I’ll be here. Met a man last January, dated him all year, introduced him to family and friends and just when I started loving the fucker, he dumped me. Happened last night. Asshooooooooole. Where’s my drink?

Hey Susie and welcome. If I could physically get a drink to you now I would but I’m afraid you’ll have to settle with your local fares.

So just sit back, relax, play some music that you like and imagine that asshole waking up tomorrow morning with a lovely woman in his arms, but oh wait! Women don’t have penises…and why do his genitals itch so bad? That’s the syphilis. Happy 2008 you jerkoff!

Ooh. Ouch! I’m so sorry. :frowning:

I think you need to start a Pit thread.

I don’t have a problem with the New Year, but I’m too ill to go out and too doped up on lepsip to drink. Can I stay? :slight_smile:


I mean that in the nicest possible way a best friend can. You see you are one of “those people” that have something to celebrate. You may watch from outside the metaphorical window.


Not going out. This has been one helluva shitty holiday season and I’m not in the mood for any forced fucking hilarity.

I just found out in rapid succession that an old friend is spiralling out of control with psychological and alcohol problems that, according to his brother, will likely cost him his wife and 1 year old daughter as well as land him in the psych ward, my uncle’s wife had her second stroke within 1 year and, to start 2008 off on the right foot, tomorrow I’ll be attending the funeral of a close family friend.

“Good fucking riddance, 2007!”, indeed.

To establish some tradition in what shall become the Anti-New Year may I suggest that instead of New Year’s resolutions which, we all know will seem to inevitably fail by the end of next year we reminisce on our past endeavors which failed to take fruit and the events that have spiralled us into this dank pit of melancholy?

Of course a well earned toast to those who have already laid their disappointments before us. I will drink to you most heartedly.

I just found out before Christmas that I’m losing my job after the first of the year. I’m in a funk and don’t really give a shit about much right now. I am waaaay not in the mood to celebrate. Plus, we have 9" of snow in the forecast over the next few days. Ladies and Gents, Step right up to see our new variety show, Drunks On Ice! That’ll make Wednesday morning just fucking peachy. Grrrrrrr.

You mean like:

  1. My marriage still sucks and divorce still isn’t a viable alternative

  2. My son is still an insane genius … I mean, “twice exceptional” … student who could easily test into our school’s gifted program if he could just stop gnawing on his classmates long enough to be evaluated

  3. My boss still suspects me of being a shiftless layabout in spite of my receiving one of my company’s top-level recognition awards for super-human personal contribution to the organization.

  4. Wellbutrin, like Paxil & Prozac, has turned out to be an amazing, life-restoring drug for me…for 3 months, after which it ushered me in to a newly renovated condo in my own personal hell.

  5. My HMO shrink can’t see for a med-eval me until mid-March.

  6. My vegetable garden absolutely failed to sprout leaving me with … well … continued dependence on industrial produce and no homemade dill pickles :mad:

  7. It’s New Year’s Eve and I have failed to oversee the proper resupply of my liquor cabinet.