I HATE New Years, HATE HATE HATE it (whiny)

Christmas somewhat annoys me, and I boycott the commercialisim of it on principle. But I don’t honestly hate it. Now, New Years on the other hand. I actively, rabidly HATE. HATE Bold, caps AND font size (except I don’t want to overwork hungover hamsters).

Almost everyone has someone special to kiss and ring in the new year with at midnight. I’m sick of being the person with no one under the mistletoe. After New Years and the lack of a New Years kiss, comes Valentine’s and the VERY clear message that “yes, you SUCK and are not worthy of a mate, boyfriend, SO (insert term of your choice)”.

But New Years seems worse. It sets the tone for not only the new year, but reminds one quite POINTEDLY that not only are you still alone, in this new year, but obviosly you sucked at attracting someone for the whole of LAST year as well.

Whine, whine, sniff sniff…


And not only that, but the damn fireworks terrified my dog and kept me up when I COULD have at least slept through the lack of a kiss this year.


I cannot be the only one who went kissless at new years, anyone else want to gripe? Or top mine?

I fell asleep at 11.49 pm on NYE, and hailed in the new year snoring my guts out on my partners lap.

Does that top yours?


My boyfriend could bitch with you. He didn’t kiss me until 12:30 because he was playing video games and I was rubbing noses and cuddling and getting lickies from my rats. Yay rat kisses! :smiley:

I spent the night alone watching TV with my cat. Actually, I’m not even sure my cat was around at midnight. Big deal. If you really miss not having someone to kiss at midnight, then you need to get out & find someone. I’m sure there are lots of bars with drunk people willing to kiss everyone. God knows, I’ve been that drunk person intent on kissing everyone.

Me? I don’t have anyone. I don’t care. It’s just another night, like any other night.

I was at a party with about 30 people. Only three or four couples kissed at Midnight. I was not one of them.

Well, you might have met a mate at a NYE party if you went to one. It happened to me once. Of course, you’ll have to plaster a smile on your face instead of a scowl and be able to talk about something besides how miserable and lonely you are. Most girls melt a bit when a fellow speaks affectionately of his pet, so the dog is a good angle. If boys are your preference (hard to tell from the OP) you can probably play the same card. Good luck.

I have someone to kiss. But the 8 year old, having decided she was going to stay up until midnight this year, threw up at exactly 12:00 am. So I didn’t get a kiss, either–I was too busy cleaning up.

I have to say, I never realized that this kissing someone at midnight thing was a big deal. I never even knew the custom existed until college, when someone invited me to a new years party with the expectation (unknown to me) that he’d get kissed at midnight. It’s never been a big feature of my new years celebrations, and sometimes it happens and sometimes not. I hated NY for years because I worked at a restaurant that was open, and for quite a few years I found myself at midnight clearing tables and fetching drinks, which I didn’t enjoy. Not having anyone to kiss was not something I was thinking of at the time.

It’s hard to re-focus the customs around Valentines Day, I admit–I hated VD when I was single, too. But it might be possible to re-think your expectations of New Years, and make it more about things you have accomplished and want to accomplish, than about having someone to kiss at midnight. And if you could do it (I admit it would take some determination) then you wouldn’t hate New Years anymore.

OK, next year if we are both still single you can call me and we can commiserate about our fireworks-phobic dogs. I woke at 11:55 from a sound sleep to 50 pounds of husky trying to get under the covers.

And yes, it does suck to be single on NYE.


I was asleep at 11:00pm and woke up the same way I always wake up. My cat hopping on my chest and telling me it’s time for his breakfast. I’m quite used to not having anybody to kiss on New Year’s so it’s reallly not such a big deal to me. This year though I had a fling fizzle out in December so there was the small hope of a New Year’s kiss. As it turns out it was the same as most of the rest of them and that’s all right with me. Perhaps I’ll have some luck with my online personal this year and get a kiss at the end of 05, perhaps not. I think if you decide it’s ok not to have somebody to kiss you’ll hate New Year’s less.

New Years was soooo last year.

I was supposed to kiss her? Was I supposed to wake her up?

I agree with the pit somewhat, but only because the person I wanted to kiss wasn’t able to be with me on New Year’s Eve. Mentally, though, it happened, and it was far more wonderful than any other kiss I saw at midnight.

I thought I was the only one. I don’t get the big deal-it happens every year. (Heh). Unless it’s a big event-say, the start of a new decade, century, or hell, millenium, who gives a shit?

I didn’t even realize it was midnight until I heard all the fireworks and whistles going off. I was too busy reading something.

New Year’s, bah. Spent it curled up in bed with a good book after chatting online–much like any other night.

A holiday is what you do or don’t make of it, and not much more.

heh heh. Thanks for giving me a small chuckle. As it happens, boys ARE my preference, but I’m not a “fellow”. :smiley:

And no, I don’t go around my whole life scowling and all because of this. I came HERE to the pit to scowl about it instead. Out in 'real life" I’m a happy go lucky cheerful little thing. But even Rebecca os Sunnybrook Farm (my coworkers nickname for me) gets sad when she’s alone for such a damn long time.

So, I came here to bitch about one of those days that tends to bring that realization home with a bang, or in the case of NYE, several dozen bangs due to all the illegal fireworks.

I went to the same dinner & dance thing I go to every year. I figured I was going to hate it because I’m not dating right now.

I ran into a woman I first met about 8 years ago, there was what appears to be a mutual attraction. I got some attention and some smiles from her. She ran into my buddy Ron around 10:30. He got the kiss from her.

After the last girlfriend left me 10 months ago I haven’t had the energy to meet anyone. I know that dating leads to one person rejecting the other, falling in love ends in getting dumped. If I could lose the desire for sex and an emotional bond I think I’d be a lot happier.

Damn! That’s exactly how I feel. And I never used to be that cynical about love and dating. I mean, I do get asked out and stuff, but I don’t want to go to all that trouble just to either be disappointed, or disappoint.

Like Deanna Carter says “Did I Shave My Legs for THIS”? Ugh, curl the hair, put on makeup, find something cute to wear, put on nylons, heels the whole nine yards, and then go out with some stranger, where you both have to endure the job interview-like atmosphere of a first date (you know, the whole what do you do, what are you like what do you want out of life/a relationship, blah blah blah), all to no avail?

Or worse, the soul-killing torture of actually falling for the person and then getting screwed over months or a year or so later. So yeah, I guess it’s not NYE I hate so much as its symbolism for me.


I’m attached and have been for the last four years. Prior to that, I was single for a few years. I’m not a “grass is greener” type, and I’m happy with my lady, but singleness is great too! Honestly. I miss that freedom and being captain of my own ship.

Anyway, at midnight on NYE I was sound asleep. No marital shenanigans or anything like that. Just zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

On new year’s eve, my best friend and I came to my house and watched Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Then we chatted for a while and she went home. And it was her birthday and my birthday party plans for her fell through so it was kind of a sucky time all around. And neither of us had anyone to kiss.

Gettin’ it done in Salt Lake City:
Half way down an alley that’s across from the Salt Palace there’s a bar called The Dead Goat. Go there next New Year’s Eve and it won’t be hard to find someone who will kiss you. :wink:

As you can probably tell from the above smart-ass remark, I got kissed at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

I sincerely hope that all those who want one do get a kiss next year. Plan ahead a little, be in the right place at the right time, and good things will happen!!!