I called a shrink.

I can’t believe I did it, but I called and made an appointment to see a psychologist and see if anything can be done to assist me with whatever the heck is going on inside my head, with the stress and the anxiety and insomnia that has now become an eight o’clock bedtime and the fact that I can barely remember the last time anything gave me any pleasure at all.

I have no idea what to expect. I’ve never been to a psychologist, and no one I know has ever admitted to it or described it. I don’t have any idea what I’m going into.

But I called anyway.

You have made a HUGE step. There is nothing wrong with getting help (or with admitting that you need it.)

I’ve been to a psychologist. It really helped me with depression. What I didn’t realize when I started was that I wouldn’t have to go forever. I just assumed I would.

I went for almost a year - he started me on a mood elevating pill (which really helped with sleeping.) And slowly worked me off of it until I was coping without it.

Good Luck!

Good move. If you feel like you need to talk to a psychologist then it should do you a lot of good. I wish you all the best.

I talked to a counselor (someone with training and experience but not an actual psychologist) about some things in my past. Just getting them off my chest helped tremendously.

I’ve never been to a psychologist, and no one I know has ever admitted to it or described it.

You’re obviously not from New York City. :slight_smile:

A think quite a few people here have been to therapy of one sort or another. I saw one for a few sessions last year when I needed some help getting my thinking straightened out on some issues.

They won’t point and laugh when you walk in the door, I promise.

Different therapists have different styles and approaches. You may not “click” with the first one you speak with. I would expect on a first visit they will ask you some background type questions and find out about the concerns that brought you in. By the time you are done pouring out everything that is wrong, a hour will probably be over. :slight_smile: Or maybe that’s just me.

Good luck, I think you are being very brave to step out into the unknown like this.

Good for you, FisherQueen!

It took me forever to work up the nerve to make an appointment, but I’m glad I did.

I was worried at first about what some people in my life thought about it - I still worry about that, a little.

As Hello Again said, the first visit goes fairly quickly. . . background information and all that. I don’t think I’d been there five minutes before I broke down in tears and then started apologizing for crying. The doctor assured me I had no reason to be sorry for crying, it was perfectly okay and all that. . .

Most importantly for me, he knows what questions to ask and doesn’t let me bullshit anything. I think I lucked out in the therapist department - he has a sense of humor and he makes things make sense to me.

Once you start talking and getting things off your chest, you do feel better. And it’s easier to tackle things with a little boost in the right direction. I see my therapist every Friday - if I struggle through something during the week, it’s great that I can talk to him about it Friday morning, instead of it looming over me and getting bigger and worse and unimaginably impossible to deal with like things used to be.

Here’s a silly question. How did you find a shrink?

I mean, seems like the yellow pages wouldn’t be your best bet. Referral from health insurance? Friend’s advice?

Keep in mind I’m not in school, so have no counseling center. I’m just wondering where I’d find one if I become so inclined.

Actually I did use the yellow pages- it’s a small city, and there are only 3 shrinks, so if I don’t like this one (the one closest to my house), I’ll try #2 or #3.


I’m glad you did that. It is the hardest step to do and you should be quite proud of yourself.

Yep. I’m speaking from experience with depression. If it weren’t for my mother constantly bugging me and telling me I could possibly have a chemical imbalance, I don’t know where I would be.

(((((hugs)))))) This too shall pass. Good luck and keep us posted.

Let me second the ‘nobody will laugh and point’, also that there is zero need to apologize for crying. People in counseling are working on issues that deeply involve their emotions. Some get angry and shout and curse, many more stir up unhappy emotions and cry.

There’s a reason we keep the BIG sized boxes of kleenex in every single interview room.

Sending warm thoughts your way FisherQueen. Luck to you!

well done!
good luck.
we’re all thinking good thoughts for you.