I Can See Las Vegas Again!

Meaning, we can see The Strip from our window again!

When we first moved here, and nobody had any trees in their yards (new subdivision) we, and our neighbors, had a perfect, grand view of The Strip. Then the neighbor behind us both planted 10 trees that grew rapidly, and for the past four years or so, neither our neighbors nor we were able to see The Strip anymore. Oh well.

Our neighbors politely asked the owner twice if they could have their gardeners trim the trees (at no cost to that homeowner) but he steadfastly refused.

Well, that owner went into foreclosure and our neighbors have actually put in a bid for the house.

But here is the kicker…now that the house is empty and owned by the bank, the neighbors simply paid their gardeners a few extra bucks, they climbed over the wall, and finally trimmed all 10 trees! The neighbors were kind enough to actually come over to our house, stand on our balcony and yell down to the gardeners, “Trim a bit more! These neighbors still can’t see everything!”

We can now see Las Vegas again! Hopefully their offer to buy the house is accepted and we will always have a clear view of The Strip as long as we live here. Already I can’t wait to see the fireworks on New Year’s Eve again!

I believe that being able to see Las Vegas qualifies you to be Governor of Nevada, or at least Mayor of Las Vegas. :smiley:

I can sort of see it from here. At night anyway. With a telescope and if I climb on the roof of the building. On the other hand I can see the newly opened Cannery on Boulder Highway really well.

If I head down to the Crown and Anchor I can see it better, although it has a tendency to get a bit blurry…

Really, the only way to watch the fireworks on New Year’s Eve is standing naked on your balcony with a bottle of champagne and someone cuddly next to you.
I’ve always been in a hotel for this, but to do it from your own balcony must be sweet! :smiley: