I can walk: hooray for me!!!!

Today my hip surgeon removed all restrictions as to the use of my right leg. I immediately donned my right shoe, siezed my walker, and put it to the test: I can walk!!! Thank God almighty, I can walk!!! Actually, I thank the therapists who have worked very hard to get me ready for this moment.

I will have to use the walker for a couple of days before the therapists will put me to going up and down stairs but I honestly expect to be out of here within two weeks. I’m not all that certain as to where I will go; probably back to my sister’s for a while, but a lot of doors that were closed have now opened.

I feel all rehabbed and ready for the world.



I’m very happy for you!

Thank og for hip surgeons. You must be so ecstatically happy right now.

Great news! Best wishes for continued recovery!

Yay yay yay !!

Excellent news!!!

I can crawl again!


Best with the rehab.


It’s wonderful what a positive attitude can do for a person. I’m all inspired now.

Yay you!

Glad to hear it Louis! Here’s a link to your earlier thread for anyone not up to speed on your injuries.

If you feel, you heal!


I get the first dance!!

Good for you mate !
Now the only way is up.
I feel good for you.

Way to go!!

I’m really happy for you! Congratulations that your hard work is paying off, and also on having appreciation and gratitude. I’m sure it’s helping you get better!

Congrats! keep up the positive vibe and get better

You go, boy!

Yes you can!