I can walk!

Well, almost. Got my cast off today, finally! My leg is shrunken and covered with dead skin, my incision scar is all bruised, and my calf is atrophied. The doc wants me to gradually get myself off the crutches and do some flexibility exercises. Then my followup surgery to get the screw removed is Oct. 5. Yay!

My Achilles tendon is as taut a a bowstring right now. I probably have just 2 or 3 degrees of flex in either direction until I can start working it out. I’m sure it’s gonna be painful, but at least now I can roll over and get to sleep on my stomach like a human being.

Woo Hoo! Good for you, Phil!

Gee, that was fast! It seems (to me anyway) that you just did it. Good luck with the rehab, and for Bob’s sake…BE CAREFUL!!

Kelli *

Go PHIL! Go PHIL! Yaaaaaaaay PHIL!

Excellent news, Phil!!! Your foot must feel much lighter without that freakin’ cast on it. Be careful and good luck in your therapy!

Why soon you will be high kicking with the Rockettes again.

Good for you! No one could fill you fishnets :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work

Good news, Phil! To aid in your upcoming excercise program, I may be willing to part with a pair of slightly used roller blades–cheap!

Good luck Phil!

However I had to report the irony that when I signed onto the board this afternoon, the first post on MPSIMS was “I Can Walk!” while following it second was “Fall Down, Go Boom.”

Saint Eutychus

ok I must have been gone that day Phil, Whats up with your leg?

Bad spellers of the world… UNTIE