I cannot believe she said that.

I said, “You live on the west side of the Twin Cities, Maggie.”

Maggie looks like she’s eighteen, acts like she’s fourteen but is truly twenty-eight years of age. “Oh, okay Cantie. So I live in the opposite direction of the sunset.”

“Um, nope…” I laughed, “you live to the west, where the sun DOES set.”

“Oh, sorry. I got confused because the sun sets in the east in Florida, where I’m from.”

“Maggie, the sun sets in the west no matter where you are on the planet.”

“No. It sets in the east in Florida.”

“No it doesn’t.”

“Okay, maybe it doesn’t set in the east all over Florida, but it does on the beach near my house.”

And the scariest part? There are rumors going around that she may soon be my manager.

Someone please kill me now.

Please tell me you don’t work for NASA.

No. But we do work for your bank.


There is a chance that you and I work for the same company because I’ve met this girl! About three years ago her mother won a trip to Hawaii. During the next several months we had to hear about it on a daily basis. Some of the questions she asked:

Isn’t it off the coast of Maine? No, unless someone moved Maine since I last checked.

Is there anything special I have to do to go there? Yes, you’ll need a current passport and drop by the Health Department for your shots.

Fast forward about 3 days…I’m in my managers office explaining why she was so upset about the people at the Health Department laughing at her.

I made a fool of her? Seems like she was doing a great job on her own! Maybe we can get these two women together and have them draw a map. That should be worth a few laughs!