I cannot name that tune in a million notes.

Until recently – just a couple of months ago – I had heard “Freebird,” but I couldn’t remember what it sounded like. You could’ve played snippets for me, but unless it contained the “free as a bird” phrase, I wouldn’t have been able to ID it. Now, thanks in part to Elizabethtown, I know what “Freebird” sounds like, so it’s not just the punchline to random concert jokes.

Now? I could ask you to play “Misty” for me, but I wouldn’t recognize it if you did.

So, Dopers – what’s the most popular song that you can name, but wouldn’t actually recognize?

Stairway to Heaven. I know of the song. I know the famous guitar intro (thanks Wayne!). But can the whole song be that part? I’ve never heard beyond that. And no guitar playing stoner that has ever tried to play that song for me has ever played past the first verse.