I can't afford to keep my kitty.

As I was counting change to buy a sack of potatoes for my next week’s food supply, i realuzed that the day has finally come that I have to give away my kitty baby.

Chaplin was a cat I recently rescued, in better times. He’s a sweet little boy who would fit right in on Catswholooklikehitler.com. He sleeps on my bed and purrs like a motorboat.

He gets his food and his flea control, but there is no way I can afford even a simple vet check up. The person I rescued him from had just taken him for vaccinations, thankfully, and he was neutered already.

I’ve posted him on craigslist and contacted every no kill shelter within 150 miles. They are all full and I don’t have the surrender fee anyway. There is nothing else I can cut from thd budget- seven roommates already, no car, walking to work, eating only the cheapest of food. How am I supposed to find him a home if nobody can take him? Very soon it will be a choice between him eating or me- and I know he’ll win.

If I was in Philadelphia I would supply you with cat food. A bit far away though.

Is there some way I could send some food for the kitty (would take two weeks). Or if there is a local vet that supplies cat food, I could arrange to cough up for some food to see you through.

I am hesitant to send any money direct as (even though you sound genuine), I’d really prefer to supply cat food direct.

Maybe Flatliner also may have some ideas.

At this point, it’s probably better for him to be with an owner who can manage to care for hom properly.

I am in Lancaster, PA and would be happy to send food too. Please send me your address privately if you would like me to help. In the meantime, I’ll also try to think of some additional resources.

I understand. If I can help though, please PM me.

Also, I’m not fishing for anything. Just venting about how things are.

That’s okay. All understood.

One more resource to check is your local animal shelter, not to give them the kitty, but to see if they have free resources for you. Our local shelter has food they give to families in need with pets. They also have free or ATP (ability to pay) vet care. It can’t hurt to call.
Also local food banks may have food for you and kitty.

If he’s a healthy cat and up to date with his shots and been snipped, there’s the very good possibility that you won’t need a vet visit for a very, very long time. None of my three cats have been to the vet in YEARS for anything more than shots. So don’t give up hope yet…with a little help on the food issue, you can take the time to find him another home if that’s still the way you are leaning.
Hope everything works out.

Sounds like YOU would definitely be elligible for some food assistance. I would recommend that you look into it ASAP. You shouldn’t be spending every last little dime you have on bags of potatoes. I know it might be difficult to accept help, it sounds like you genuinely don’t want to have to rely on other people to get you through, but please give it a try. I’ve seen so many homeless people with dogs, and if they can manage to keep themselves fed and their puppies too, I’m sure you could keep feeding a kittie with some extra help.

There arepet food assistance programsin nearly every state.

Tried that. Apparently, I make too much for assistance. Most of it is paying off school loans, which I want to be responsible and pay off. The local food banks have some help, i just need to find some that are open evenings or weekends. The best thing would be just finding anyone to take the kitty.

Really, I know I’m probably going to be disliked for this, but it does no one any good for you and kitty to starve. I really hope that someone takes your kitty. I am always amazed at people who are starving and yet insist on keeping their pets. Anyway, I just posted to say I think you are doing the right thing. :slight_smile:

Is there any way you could contact the school loan people and let them know your situation? Times are hard right now and I’m sure you wouldn’t be the first who had trouble paying. I’ve heard many loan companies will work out terms with you if you ask, especially if you are showing that you want to be responsible and pay, figuring it would be better to get something than nothing. Worth a try, anyway. The worst they can say is “Sorry, no can do.”

It’s typically referred to as Hardship Deferral, if that helps.

Do you have a PayPal account? I can’t give much but I would love to help if I can, and tomorrow’s pay day. PM me, please. I know what it’s like to live in fear that I am gona lose my pets.

Check your pms…

I think you need to ask yourself whether you and your cat would both be happier with each other. If you say yes, accept the help offered you. Being broke can be pretty bleak, and animals can really make the difference between coming home to emptiness and having something to look forward to you.

For my art, I’d glad send enough to keep your cat in food and litter for 6 months. I have 14 animals (6 dogs, 4 cats and 4 horses) and I know I couldn’t be without someone to come home to.


Not my art, my part. D’uh.


Yeah, I’ll help out some as well. I never like to think about people having to give up their kitties.