I can't believe I found Dana Carvey funny

HBO showed his 2008 comedy performance and I genuinely laughed out loud. I’ve almost NEVER found this guy to be amusing, from that idiotic Wayne’s World thing to his “pump you up” schtick, I’ve rarely gotten more than an occasional chuckle. But much of this was actually pretty good. He still does his Arnie and his George, but it’s better material.

I came in here to agree with you. But, I read your thread title as a past-tense sort of thing. As in, “I can’t believe I found Dana Carvey funny…when I was 14.”

Cuz I see some of the stuff he did back in the late 80s and early 90s (when I was in my early teens), and I think “Wow, I can’t believe I found Dana Carvey funny.”

I’ll have to check out his new stuff.

Was this his “Monkeys tell No Lies” shtick in Santa Rosa? I thought that was good material well delivered, especially his Andy Rooney bit about his overgrown eyebrows.

I didn’t see his 2008 tour, but I have found him funny as a stand-up. His SNL stuff and his movies are bad.

That HBO special was top notch, much better than I expected it to be. I will try to see him live if he comes to town. A lot of his SNL was good.

I loved him in Clean Slate…his standup and other movies, not so much. But I too watched that show and found myself laughing pretty hard at time. It was a bit hit-and-miss, but some of it was just damn funny.

I saw him do a routine and he’s hilarious when talking about his children.

That’s the one. The good stuff was very good. He’s older than I thought.

She’s chopping broccoli! She’s chopping broccoli! She’s chopping broccoli-heee-heee!
Dana Carvey was pretty funny back in the day. I haven’t seen any of his recent stuff so I can’t comment on it but apparently he makes terrible movies.

I have always liked his standup. He had a stand up special that used to air on Comedy Central all the time when I was in high school that I loved. It has a great bit about the OJ Simpson trial (topical at the time).

I still find Church Lady and Wayne’s World hilarious.

Carey was at his best when on "In Living Color’ Sadler and Carvey peaked on SNL.

I’ll forever give him a pass for chopping broccoli.

They played that 90’s special so much that all my friends and I can quote nearly the whole thing. “The judishhhall shystem!”

I thought he was great on SNL.

His stand up left me with a case of ‘meh’.