I can't believe I lost it.

So today is our 9th anniversary, I bought a few things I knew stormchaser would enjoy. A couple of Playstation 2 games ( Midnight Club 2, SSX3) and a Nickelback CD ( The Long Road ). I had a card and a cute little gift bag in the sack along with the other items.

I lost the sack. I can not find it anywhere. I have removed everything from our closet. The closet is my usual hiding spot. It wasn’t that long ago that I bought these things - maybe two weeks ago. I can not for the life of me remember where I would have put them if I didn’t put them in my closet. I have checked the downstairs closets, the kids closets, I looked in the bathroom under the sink. I looked in the minivan. I am going crazy looking.
So here is what I think I am going to do. I am meeting him for lunch today. I think I am going to write him a note with an IOU. He gets his gift when I find the bag. What really makes me sad is that this is the first year I have been able to keep what I bought a secret. Generally one of the kids lets the cat out of the bag. This time around when I went shopping , I did not take any kids. Maybe I should have.

I feel horrible. Maybe I will make a nice dinner to try to make up for it.

I’m confused. Have you lost the gift bag, or have you lost the shopping bag in which the gift bag and gifts were located?

Have you looked under the bed?

I lost the shopping bag the contained everything in it.
I can’t put stuff under my bed. The bed has under drawers. I am still searching for it.

On top of the fridge
In the pantry
Wherever you put the shopping bags to be recycled
Behind something in the closet
Fallen into another bag in the closet
Under the sofa
In the kids’ room

Just a few of the places I locate lost items, except for the kids’ room one.

I hope you find it.

Have the kids help you look for it. Sometimes when you are so obsessed with finding something, your brain is so focused on the object that you can look right at it and still not see it. They also might think to peek someplace that you have not thought of. Borrowing a different set of neurons can be an enormous help.

Sadly, I speak from experience.

It’s in your car. It fell between the seats, and is under the… passenger side, I think. I can’t get a clearer picture…

Good luck finding it. I hate losing things, I go nuts until I find them. It’s an obsession.

Yeah, I have your bag. Leave $10,000 in small, unmarked bills under the 7th post in this thread. You’ll be contacted.

Sure, I’ll trade $10,000 for $120 worth of toys. :slight_smile:

Sadly, Lsura, the only other bag in the closet is the one that has my daughters birthday stuff in it. No video games among all the My Little Pony[sup]TM[/sup] crap.
I took everything out of the closet. Looked in the shoe boxes. Checked on top of the fridge, nothing there but other things that have never made it to the places they belong. I cleaned the kids rooms the other night and no sign of the sack in either room.

Is it possible that you left the bag at the store, or in the shopping cart? Did you stop somewhere else between the store and home (restaurant, friend’s house)? Any chance you (egads) left the bag on top of the car?

You are SO going to kick yourself when you find it.

I bought the games at Walmart, the CD at Sam Goode, and the gift bag and card at FCO, so everything made it home - I just can’t find it here. :frowning:
I told stormchaser what I had bought, and told him it was lost. He seems to think it will turn up in a week. (I have forgotten about Christmas presents and generally find them by New Years Day.)

its been found!

I feel so silly. The sack was in the rubbermaid wrapping paper storage container.
Silly me. :slight_smile:

Yay! :slight_smile:

phew glad to hear you got it in time.