I can't believe it, but I saw...

…a promo for Ally McBeal that actually made me laugh. She goes into the everlasting Unisex Restroom, opens the stall door, and Barry Manilow is inside. Immediately, he launches into “EVEN NOW…”. She slams the door again and the sound immediately cuts off.

I know it’s an old device but it was funny anyway.

I was skeptic of Ally McBeal at first, like I want to watch her waste away, right?

But I got to watchin it with my stepmom, I cannot believe the times I have laughed out loud because of it.

Specially the guy has Tirrets (sp?) and then he is dating a girl with it, and the make the squealing noises at the same time, so funny.

(not in a bad way to anyone who has this afliction, its just a funny show)

I’ll stick with Malcolm in the Middle, thankyouverymuch.

shudders again

Tourette’s. And I haven’t seen the episode (or any after the first season) so I can’t say if I’d find it offensive or not. I wouldn’t mind meeting (though not dating) someone else with Tourette’s though.

I actually had dated a woman with Tourettes, she took medication to control it, and was basically relagated to the occasional minor spasm and hand movements. Her friends called her Twitch. Boy I miss her…

Not to completely Hijack… I also saw that commercial for Ally McNugget and thought the Barry Manilow bit was quite humorous.