Ally McByeBye

There is a God after all.

Rumour has it Calista is coping by gorging on rice cakes and diet Coke.


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Thank you lord…the Great Satan is leaving

I got to admit, overall the show was getting insipdly stupid (no I did not watch but the missus did)…plus they jumped the shark with a supposed kid I saw. Next thing you know the cousin from The Brady Bunch was gonna show up.

Still I did like the shot of Ling and Ally playing tonsil hockey…and liking it a bit in that one episode. Did anyone else have a Penthouse Forum type thing going on after seeing that like I did?

You know,
For the same reason we shouldn’t make fun of people who are over weight, I think the jokes about her being skinny are getting annoying. I mean, the truth is we don’t know WHY she’s that thin. Maybe she eats a healthy amount of food, but doesn’t put on weight. Maybe it’s her genes. Maybe she’s healthy with what she eats. It’s her body… and she hasn’t fainted yet so… people should back off.

Sorry, I had to get that out of the way. :slight_smile:
I really don’t care that much.

I HATE the show Ally McBeal… If it’s going to end then I guess I won’t have to worry about hearing it in the background of my home, where others are watching it.

Good riddance.

My prayers have been answered. Thank you Jeebus!

Ally McBeal is cancelled. Barry White’s royalties plummet. :wink:

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Television just got a little bit better.

I’d still like to shag her 'til she snaps in half…

Buddy, the wind could snap that waif of waifs in half. :wink:

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Strange… In the distance I can hear what sounds like Munchkins singing something about “ding, dong something-or-other’s dead…” I can’t quite make it out, but there’s a lot of celebration.

Hark! Did Annoying McBeal get a house dropped on her E.T-lookin’ head?

Separated at birth? :smiley:

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I greet the news with the same reaction I had when they canceled Full House.


You know a show’s in trouble when it’s replaced by a two-hour Christina Ricci sitcom. :wink:

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Actually, I believe that she HAS. They said that she was just ‘exhausted’.

I guess I was the only one that still loved this show!

You will be missed by at least one of us, Ally.

(Well, just the show, I could never really stand Ally’s character.)

What is this Television of which you speak?

I enjoyed the show for the first few years, but the past two seasons have sucked hard core. The whole Billy-Georgia-Ally triangle was entertaining at first. After they killed Billy, I really had no interest in it anymore. I fell asleep during Monday’s two-hour special.

It’s funny - South Park and Ally McBeal premiered the same year; I remember my friend Matt convincing me to watch South Park. I convinced him to watch Ally, and we had a $20 bet going about which one would last longer. Sucker! He doesn’t know where I live. :smiley:

I like the show whenever I watch it, but I never get up the gumption to continue watching it. I think Buffy, 24, and the Shield have tapped me.

I will miss it in some strange way. And I liked the kid. I thought she was cute and funny, even if a little precocious.

I will never forget watching Lucy Liu sucking on that one dude’s finger.

Damn. The Biscuit was one of my favorite characters. I wish I could nose whistle.

I want to learn how to do that knee pit thing, too. Alas, it’ll probably go the way of the Venus Butterfly.