Dear David E. Kelley

Ok, your characters like to sing. We get it. You can stop now. Seriously.




I hate David E Kelley.

I hate that awful fking woman who used to yowl at the end of every episode in Ally McFuck.

I hate the insidious, misogynistic agenda of his crappy programmes.

And he has shit hair.

But did you see Christina Ricci last night? Her bathing suit was creeping up and up and up. Ass like a 10-year old boy.

I can’t quite tell, are you saying this is a good thing or a bad thing?

Mr. Baroo,

I shall not have a word said against Christina Ricci, or I shall be forced to slap you with a trout.


I thought last night’s Boston Public was the best show all season. And I also liked the singing. Why am I such a loser all of a sudden?

I just want to say how pissed I am that I have wasted however many nights of my life watching that stupid f*ing show. I started from day one and now, each episode just pisses me off more and more. I dont even think I will watch the conclusion.

Glad I could share my thoughts on this one…

CR on Ally is a Good Thing, very very good. Sorry if my crudeness masked my affection. Little boys don’t even go to the gym, yet their bottoms are toned and round. It’s nature’s way. I’m appreciative of CR’s achievement of a similar shape.

I agree with Kelley. You know you’re hooked!

But Ally must not dance. She’s like a frog on a hotplate.

You can’t spell “dreck” without DEK.
OK, it was a stretch.

Ally McBeal was one of those shows that, when I heard it was being cancelled, I thought, “It’s still on?” I saw the commercial the other night for the series finale, where it says something like, “See how she says goodbye.” Says goodbye to who?

My feelings exactly.

While I admit to enjoying Boston Public, I have one thing to say to DEK:

Go write a fucking musical already, you fucktard. Your shows are turning into the fucking Cop Rock of the 21st century.

  • s.e.

Someone’s gotta hold that man down and sort out his hair.

I agree. He’s fugly.

  • s.e.

“Ass like a 10 year old boy” = sleazy used car salesman from True Lies. It followed “Titties that make you want to sit up and beg for buttermilk”, was said of Jamie Lee Curtis, and was most assuredly a compliment.


Every time I watch that show (and sadly, it’s almost every week - why oh why do I not have a life?) I think how stupid it is. How annoying the characters are, how absurd the plot lines are, etc. etc. And yet, I continue to tune in.

Well, it’s almost over.


Oh incidentally, I though Ms. Ricci’s booty looked particular good last night too, and I’m not even particularly into that sort of thing.

I feel he tries to ‘speak for’ all men. I hate when people inform others what ‘I’ am thinking. I’m sure a lot of women feel the same way.

“You see Ally, with men…”
What a ass.

This pretensious butthole comes to the Emmys with a pen and paper.