Does Christina Ricci look a little TOO thin on "Ally McBeal"?

Don’t get me wrong, she looks pretty damn good, but compared to (link removed) how she used to look, she almost seems to be starving herself. What gives? Is she helathy? Was she actually a few pounds heavy before?

I think she got a breast reduction recently. She also has a giant head, which may play tricks on the eyes when you’re looking at the whole package.

She looks lovely on Ally McBeal.

Breast reduction? Auugh! Well, I hope she’s happy. She does have beautiful eyes. I’m actually watching “Ally” (a show I detest) just for her.

I’m just going by my own observation of CR in a bikini. Compare her poolside scene in The Opposite of Sex to her hot tub scene in Ally. Feel free to use the Pause button.

Say, if your not going to use those extra breasts…

Waste not, want not I always say!

I still can’t reconcile her as she looks now. I always see her as the little girl in Mermaids.

She’ll always be Wednesday Addams to me. :wink:

Watch out for that second link in the OP, it has porn pop-ups.

I did to UncleMilt, till I saw her in Buffalo '66. “Why I’ll be damned, she’s a woman now!”

I just started watching since she came on…god, I’ve loved her since Addams Family (hey, we’re the same age…give or take a year or two :D). I have no idea what’s going on in that show but everytime the camera switches to her…sigh…god she’s hot…

She did lose a lot of weight…breast reduction maybe…but damn, that’s a waste…hehe…ok I should go now before I type something I’ll regret later…


If her back was bothering her, I think that breast reduction would be a GOOD thing. I believe Soleil Moon Frye-former “Punky Brewster” had breast reduction surgery when she was sixteen.

You can have a lot of back problems with very large breasts-so reduction shouldn’t be frowned upon just because someone’s boobs will be smaller.

Hunching over in pain doesn’t make one feel sexy, I imagine.

Whoops! Sorry about that. I have Pop-Up Stopper on my computer, so I never see pop-ups anymore. (Oh god, is it ever an awesome program!) I would not intentionally link to porn, I assure you.

When I saw her on Ally McBeal (hey, my wife watches it) I didn’t realize it was her…I was thinking ‘She looks a lot like Christina Ricci’ but I was honestly surprised when I found out it WAS her.

I liked her better with some meat on her bones.

Thank you for the wonderful link. I had no idea she looked this good, since it’s been a while since she was in the public eye. She now stares at me daily from the comfort of my computer’s desktop.

And reoch, I’m only a few months younger than she is … BACK OFF! SHE’S MINE! (on the off-chance I become famous and have a torrid love affair with her where she bares me several illegitimate children, that is.)

Wow. No matter how thin or un-thin, she will always be near the top of my “wish list.”

Feeling more shallow by the minute…


I have the same problem when I see Cher nowadays.

See, I think she’s freaky looking. She is another one of the Lollipop Women that David E. Kelly has such a thing for (Lara Flynn Boyle is another one) - great big head on a stick of a body.

Well, according to Jane magazine, Ms. Ricci is 5 ft 1 and weighs 98 pounds. She has admitted to having an eating disorder in the past, but I’m not sure what her situation is now. Personally, I think she looked fabulous before, and is now a little too alien-like. But, whatever the case, I’m sure she fits in perfectly on David E. Kelly’s show- he does seem to be a man obsessed with physical extremes when it comes to women.

her head’s too big, or maybe her head is half forehead. It’s almost like an optical illusion.

In any case I’ve never been able to dig her, with big breasts or not, something about her bothers me that i cant put my finger on.

Yeah, I have that problem, too.

Damn judges and their damn restraining orders.


Christina … yum.

5’1 and 98 pounds?! I’m 5’1 and 123 pounds. I’ve been looking at myself and trying to imagine me 25 pounds lighter. Urg. Uck. I haven’t seen any recent photos of Christina Ricci, but I’ve always loved the way she looks, all curvy and yummy. She was one of the few movie actresses who looked like a woman, not a girl.

Remember that Kelley is married to Michelle Pfeiffer – that no doubt has skewed his outlook a bit.