Christina Ricci

I saw Christina Ricci on Alley McBeal the other night, and she looked very different. Has she had plastic surgery? Or is the difference from having lost a lot of weight?
IMHO she looked a little scary, not natural at all.

She’s always looked a little scary to me. :smiley:

I didn’t see it, but I am betting she lost weight…and/or grew some (up not out). I remember in some interview she took offense when someone called her the next Delta Burke. May have made her decide to start shedding pounds.

I hope she’s not too thin. I always likes her as voluptuous. Hollywood is already full of stick women.

There was a recent thread on the lovely Miss Ricci and her appearance on Ally McBeal.

Love her. She’s stick-like. 98 lbs. Gap commercial with Hopper. Sexy.

She is hot. I liked her before and I like her now

She’s lost too much weight for my tastes. I don’t like the trend in hollywood that calls for losing as much weight as possible. I prefer my women above 100 pounds.

From what I’ve seen, the freakiest thing about her new look is her plucked and redrawn eyebrows. Yikes!