I can't believe no one else has posted this yet

From eBay, home of items for sale no one could possibly make up, a potato.

Those wacky Brits.

<Yakov Smirnov>

In USA, you stuff potato! In UK, potato stuffs [you]!


Mind you, that is one freaky potato.

Any bets on how high the bidding’s going to go?

I can’t believe I am saying this. Eddy that potato is not work safe. Some warning please.
maybe its just me

Hey, it’s just a vegetable. Right?

That is quite a potato but I’ll bet it’s all done with mirrors and viagra.

The knob on the back end is particularly disturbing. But useful to keep it from disappearing completely and engendering all sorts of distasteful questions at the Casualty.

That’s the tickler for the French fries.

From the color of the tip, it looks like Mr. Potatohead should have used a condom.

[Ahnold]IT’S NOT A TUBER!![/Ahnold]

Oh, wait. Yes it is.

Is it a coincidence that it’s being sold by “uglybob?”