I can't do anything with my hair!!

I need suggestions (possibly links to pics also) on a hairstyle that would be doable for me. I have long (about mid-back) hair, and lots of it, but it’s ultra-fine in texture and too smooth. It slides right out of just about every clip or barette I put into it, excepting alligator clips with lots of teeth. If I braid it, no matter how tightly, pieces of it will slip out throughout the day and I end up with stupid-looking fuzzy braids. I can’t even wear a hair wrap because any band or fabric I try to tie around my head just slides off.

Anyone else have this problem and have any suggestions for a simple and quick updo that looks good? I’m getting sick of having to wear it loose or in alligator clips.


I have VERY fine hair. My ex-stylist once said “even frogs have better hair than you.” :eek: My advice to you is to ask anybody you see with great hair who their stylist is and go to the one that gets mentioned the most. Everyone should have a hairdresser that they love deeply. I’m at the point with mine where I just let him make all the decisions.

A great stylist will know best how to cut to flatter your face, body-type, etc. and to make the most of your texture, etc.

My mom goes to the same stylist I do and he suggested color to rough up the texture of her hair (which is even finer than mine) to give it some “grab”.

interesting you should say that. i went prematurely gray in my late 20s and used to have it dyed dark. today at 50 there’s little original color left, and i’m a determinedly darkish blonde now.

i found that the bleaching actually relaxed the natural curl my hair has and it’s less out of control than it used to be, even in high summer in indiana. the same was somewhat true of the dark dyes.

Head scarf/bandana? I think that either the 50s Mystery Maiden look or a more down-to-earth simple gal look are both good–though of course neither might be right for you.

I’ve found that layers help a lot. I wear my hair about shoulder length and my layers are long. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than when it’s all one length.

Also, highlights might add some depth and texture to your hair. It worked for me. Good luck!

I have really really fine, slippery hair too, and the only thing I’ve found that helps at all is longer layers and dye. Even when I’ve wanted my hair to be it’s natural color, I’ve dyed it that color.

I had a friend who had very fine hair, so limp that it barely stuck out from her head. She said she had gotten a perm to get it that “full”. :eek:

AFG, my hair is also very fine. I have two ways of putting it up that work for me. One is to put it up (particularly when braiding) while it’s damp, and plaster it with hairspray. The other is to plaster it with hairspray, and then brush it out, style it, and then plaster it again. Either one causes it to stay in place without coming out and being “fuzzy”. I’ve also found that Pantene’s Anti-Frizz Anti-Humidity hairspray is essential for me, here in Florida.

I have very fine hair and I’m unwilling to work with it. I just keep it cut short and wash it every day. Most days I even remember to comb it.

As for barettes, my sister used to glue rubber bands inside the barettes, on both sides. It holds much better that way.


I might try what TroubleAgain suggested. It may give it more grip than it has now. I was thinking about pomade too - but I don’t know if that would make it slipperier?

I’m not interested in cutting it - it’s already layered (2 layers, both past the shoulders), and dyed, as I’ve been getting progressively grayer since I was 19 (27 now). I’m more looking for ways to keep it up that would look at least somewhat good with a minimum of work.

Sage Rat’s examples are what I’ve tried in the past, but yeah, they just slowly slide backwards and off. Kinda frustrating. :frowning:

I have short, curly hair and sometimes, depending on the fabric, even my head wraps slide down. One thing that I’ve found helpful is to use a wrap made out of broadcloth or something stiffer. Another is to use bobby pins in discrete locations (like behind the ears) to hold it on.

I have a lot of hair but it’s quite fine as well. I work mousse through it all when it’s wet and it will do what I want for about 12 hours. Any hair band w/ elastic in will stay in if it’s tight enough.
A body wave may be a more permanent fix and shouldn’t cause much curl.

I put a quarter-sized dollop of gel in my wet hair, too. Then you’ll want to blow dry it pretty quickly so it doesn’t get stiff. This helps immensely for me.

And I’d suggest shorter layers, too. I’d go for a 4-5" layer on top. It will add fullness.

Ditto this. I keep my very fine hair cut above-the-ears, nape-of-the-neck short. It’s a style that suits me and sets off my large eyes, which I think are my best feature (my hair is emphatically not my best feature).

If I wanted to wear it long, I guess I would have it layered or otherwise cut in a way that was attractive and manageable to just wear, without clips or bands. As far as roughing up the hair to take accessories and wear either up or down, I second (or third?) the suggestion to get a body perm. A bit of a PITA, but would solve your problem for several months at a time.

I have fine long layered hair. A quick updo that is easy and classy is to gather your hair in the back, like a relaxed (not high) ponytail. Twist the length, then pull the end of your twisted ponytail up to the crown of your head snugly. Take a larger barrette and fasten over the meat of the twist with more side hair to keep it in place. Pull the stray hairs tightly, and let them cascade over the top.

(Boy is it hard to describe in print! Easy to do, however, after one or two tries.)

I tried looking it up, looking for better instructions, or pictures. I even spent the last ten minutes trying to take pictures but my arms aren’t long enough to do it right.

Yeah, I need a life.

Oh, another easy one that stays put is the one where you make a looser ponytail, and thread the end of the ponytail through the middle of the ponytail, between the binder and your head. You can either thread it through the top, or a little nicer look, and it doesn’t stay so close to your neck is to thread it from the bottom up.

I can’t stand hair product or perm/color treatments, and after all, the great (only?) advantage of fine hair is its softness. So I’m with dafisheroo. French twists, braids, and buns are also easy and can be pretty.

Honestly, that doesn’t sound like layers to me. When your hair is fine, you really need a LOT of layers to help get movement and lighten the weight of your hair. Two layers (both below the shoulders) really aren’t going to cut it.

I wouldn’t do pomade since on fine hair it’ll just make it look like you haven’t washed your hair in weeks. Using dye, though, is a good idea. Dye damages the hair a bit and thus roughens it up. This gives it a slightly thicker appearance and makes it a bit grippier. You might find you could wear barrettes after you dye your hair.