I can't find pants in my size!

I used to buy 34-waist paints but I’ve gained weight; they’re too tight. But I tried on a couple of pairs in 36 and they’re too big. But nobody makes them in size 35! Why not?!

I guess I’ll have to buy 36’s and belt them up . . .

Where are you looking? I’ve bought Mr. Ptyxis pants w/a 35 waist at Eddie Bauer, Lands End, LLBean (though the latter were returned on account of extreme dorkitude) all via the interwebs.

I have the same problem. 32 is a bit too tight, but 34 won’t stay up without a belt (and I’m not a belt kinda guy). 33 would be perfect, but damned if I can find anyone who sells a 33. What’s worse is that no two manufacturers can seem to agree on the proper definition of “inch.”

I’m also a little on the short side. 28 leg is perfect for me, but try finding a 33/28 pant. And again, 28 is an estimate based on the particular manufacturer’s version of “inch.”

That’s another problem. I have never in my life bought a pair of long pants that didn’t need to be hemmed – and you would be surprised how many department stores won’t do alterations, except in the suits department.

Waist aside, I need a 29 inseam. I can occasionally find them at JC Penney, but not often. So instead I normally get the 30 and let the pant bottom cover the top half of my shoe.

I only do that for jeans, of course.

It’s nigh impossible to find a 31/34 so I settle for a 32 waist, but even then it’s hard.

Lands End is your friend! Odd (as in “not even”) waists, FREE hemming in quarter-inch increments. One note: trust their size charts. They mean what they say.

(former Mens Department Manager at a large west coast retailer)

I feel your discomfort. That’s all I can say. Or that I’m going to say :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re supposed to do that, aren’t they? Or do you mean excessively?

Sorry, thought this was a lady thread. But your pants are supposed to break at your ankle if you’re a guy, right?

Funny, I have never had a problem finding jeans and khakis in size 33 and 35 (when I have needed to at various points in my life). Nowadays it should be even easier with the Internet and all. If you go to just about any major clothing retailer online (Gap, Land’s End, LL Bean, Joseph A. Bank, just to name a few), men’s pants nearly always come in single size increments between 32 and 36, and in even sizes from 28 to whatever. Often the single size increment range starts as low as 28 (as at the Gap).

I mean they generally come halfway down the shoe itself, pretty much covering the entire tongue.

31/31. Is it that hard to find it?

32/32 can be had, but I don’t need to look like a doofus all the time.

Different and unwelcome advice – lose a bit of weight so you can get in a 34 again. Look at this from the point of view of precedent – if you go up to a 35 this year, you’ll be at 36 the next, and so on, until by the time you’re pulling in Social Security, you’ll resemble the Goodyear blimp. Hold the line at 34!

Also, for an anectdote on how inches are different for manufacturers, I’m a 28 in Calvin Klein pants.

I wonder if the Dope males are going to get communal bulimia from this thread.

:eek: Ladies are wearing pants now?!

I gotta get out more . . .