I can't get into my email

Damn that’s annoying. I’ve got five unread, and I know what one of them is, and I want to read it.


I got a gmail account in May, after thinking “I really ought to get an e-mail account that isn’t associated with my Graduate School” for something like two years.

Why did I get the account at that time? My e-mail account I’d been using was down, due to some sort of hardware problems which were likely to last for several days. It was close to a week before my account was back up–and I was ready to scream. Actually, it may have been more than a week before my account was back up. I was debating the desirablity of sending an e-mail from my new account saying “Look, I know I’m not a current student or faculty type person, but any chance you can fix my e-mail so I can at least access the addresses that people used to send me e-mail?”

Still haven’t moved everyone’s addresses to my new account. But that’s cause I’m lazy.

Maybe you could just direct your e-correspondents to post in this thread instead. That way we could all read along, and offer commentary.

That’s funny, I can’t get Yahoo to open and that’s where my e-mail is. I’m trying to retrieve my sister’s new address from an e-mail so I can send her something and I can’t get to it.

Damn frustrating.

Interestingly enough, The Straight Dope is faster than ever.

Nah, Yahoo finally opened – there was a period when I couldn’t get in there either. That’s my “other” account. I want to get into my “real” account, which is Verizon. I just switched to them – you’d think they’d try sucking up to me for a while.

And Sal – a generous offer, but I think I’ll pass. :wink:

I. Want. My. Email.

You need a smoke signal backup plan. Carrier pidgeon?
Wild ass guesses?

Harrumph. And thus we enter hour three of this torture.

I’m pretty sure one of the now five (they’re giving me up-to-date counts of the number of unread emails they won’t let me see) items in the inbox is a missive from a new potential suitor – who I just switched over to the “real” address.


I’m now up to 6 unread. (I’m pretty sure the latest is just the Onion Daily Update, though.)


Live on the edge. Cancel the email account!

Yanno, I get the definite impression you’re not taking my angst entirely seriously.

Let’s see if I can help.

Oh no! Oh no! twickster can’t get into her e-mail account. Civilization as we know it (such as it is) is coming to an end. Send out the cavalry! Where’s the marines? The sky is falling!


btw, have you tried calling Verizon or sending them an e-mail (hehe)?

Sorry for your e-mail issues in any event.


Thank you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am having similar issues. However, it’s an issue setting up Mozilla Thunderbird to coordinate my hotmail addresses. It likes Gmail just fine. I may not be smart enough for this.

looks hurt Me?

About 4:00, Verizon got its act together – and when I came back to report the good news (because I know *some * of you have been sympathetic) – the boards were down because Jerry was fixing something.


like Newman Jerry!