I can't get the license plates I want.

I already have personalized tags, but for the past year or so I’ve been obsessed with the idea of getting license plates that say “867-5309” (yep, my name is Jenny :)). However, when I go to the cool DMV website that lets me play around with license plate styles and personalizations, I can’t seem to get anything even close to work. The best I can get is “867-S309,” but the “S” doesn’t look as much like a “5” as I’d hoped (and I feel like the “S” is jarring enough that it wouldn’t be worth getting the plates).

I have tried 8675309, 867-5309, 86753O9, 867-53O9, and the above-mentioned 867-S309.

At this point I’m starting to think that someone else simply beat me to it and I’m SOL, but does anyone have ideas for other things I can try?

Upside down and backwards is


B67-53O9 is worth a try

A67-5309. Sounds like 867-5309.

Is there anyone you would like me to write a letter to to help you get this tag?

You’re in Virginia, aren’t ya?

Thanks, everyone! This is what I love about this place: no matter how mundane or pointless my situation is, there are always at least a few people willing to help out (or try their best). :slight_smile:

I think that would look just as “wrong” to me as using an “S” instead of a “5.” I have a pretty good personalized tag at the moment, so I don’t want to give it up if I’ll just wind up wishing the new one were different, ya know? And I think I’ll just skip the backwards thing – I don’t think anyone would get it. Hell, I barely got it. :wink:

Believe it or not, I thought of that on my way to work this morning! Great minds. :slight_smile: I think I could live with that … I’ll have to play with the DMV site a little later and see if it’s available.

LOL! I forgot about your username, or I would have called on you for help in the OP. :wink:

Unfortunately, I think someone else just beat me to it … I have a feeling that if it were available, I’d be allowed to get it. Can you track down the person who currently has it and talk them into giving it up? :smiley:

Yep. Why?

Virginia’s DMV site says A67-5309 is available. Hurry. :slight_smile:

I’d suspect you probably aren’t allowed to get just 7 numbers in a row. I tried a couple random ones, and it says they aren’t available. Probably difficult for a cop to “call in”.

How about 86753OH9?

Thanks for checking! That might be the closest I get, and I think I could live with it, but I’m not 100% sold yet…

Yeah, that’s why I tried it with an “O” in addition to a “0.” And why I thought about the “S” and “A” subs. Why couldn’t I have thought about this before whoever has these plates did?? :wink:

GENIUS!! :slight_smile:

But I just tried it out, and the DMV won’t let me have 8 characters unless one of them is a dash. Bastards. :mad:

Maybe you can settle for JNY JNY. :smiley:

What about getting B67-53O9 and then modifying the “B” with nail polish or enamel paint to subtly make it more like a 8?

It would work untlil you get pulled over. :wink:

Roman numeral? 867V309?

GENUIS!! :slight_smile: (sorry, An Arky ;)) And it’s available!

What do y’all think? Would 867-V309 be good? :slight_smile: I have screen shots of the mockups of both this and A67-5309 … here’s a link. I’m leaning toward the roman numeral version.

Of course, I realize that what I’m doing is telling everyone who cares to read this thread what my license plates will be. :smack: But it’s too late now, and I guess if anyone really wants to find me I’m probably screwed anyway… Right?

Did you try 8675 309? That’s how it’s sung.

Oooh, good one! 8675-309 “may be available.”
(I also like 867-V309, for what it’s worth.)

Which, obviously, I am not… :smack: :wink:

Good idea – :slight_smile: – but it’s not available.

Yeah, that’s the one that keeps coming back into my thoughts. I’m going to sleep on it, and if I still really like it tomorrow I’ll order the plates then. :cool: (rowrrbazzle, I owe you a beer sometime!)

You’re in Virginia, aren’t ya?


because, I KNOW the person that has 8675309!


You’re in Virginia, aren’t ya?

Tommy Tutone?

867-5809 and then put a little white strip of bumper sticker over the first 1/4 of the second 8?

Sorry, I’ve got nothin’.