I can't open threads with multiple pages . . . Why not?

This problem has bothered me for some time. I’ve found that whenever a popular thread goes over 1-2 pages; I’m unable to open any of the pages(the green box at the bottom of the page hangs and won’t flip the screen) except the last page. This wouldn’t be that much of a problem if I logged on to the Straight Dope every day, but I do have a life and can’t keep up with everything. I set my preferences to 200 replies to a page, so maybe the cache is way too full? I have no idea because my computer skills aren’t that great. Does anyone here have the slightest inkling of what I just said and have an idea (easy to execute, please) of how to correct this problem? Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.

What browser are you using? My first suggestion would be to change your browser and try again.

Whatever browser you’re using go to the options and empty your internet cache, then restart the browser. 90% of browser problems can be solved this way.