I can't stand lindsay because...

“I can’t stand lindsay because…{fill in the blank}”–go ahead Dopers, give it your best shot! (I suck at creative insults so I’m not even going to attempt to put into words what I think about this person LOL)

Well, because she’s a filthy little cunt, of course. Stronger words than I ever used before on the boards, but my trademark name for Lindsay since a few days.

And also, because this is as good a thead as any: why was that other topic closed? As can be seen, people are just going to open new threads to tear this little shit a new one. I see she isn’t banned yet, so that can’t be it.

Maybe Alpha or Lynn decided that the OP was disrespectful, and decided to just close it. Of course, if that was the case, then, the whole post would be deleted I think.
And Coldfire, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I think Coldfire has it nailed down pretty good with filthy little cunt. Not much more need be said. Save the creative comments for somebody who is actually human.

You know, I’m really starting to regret that it’s summer and I’m off running the river more than I am here… who the fuck is this person? Got some links? How can I slam if I’m off re-charging my soul on the river?

Sheet! You gotta give some links, folks! You want quality slams in a dead language, I’m your gal but I gotta have reason!

(Giggling and clicking her hot little fingers)


I don’t know how to post links to another thread so I can’t help you there…but basically shes been stiring up stuff about people mourning Wally’s death (check out her closed thread further down the bbq pit page) and even though I know the mods have a great big “do not feed the trolls” sign hanging up in this place, I figured she was just crossed way over the line and deserved a thread dedicated just to her! People have been slamming her left and right and I figured I’d perform a public service and let people post their rants about her here too…anyway! People can post here or it can die a quick death-we shall see! LOL

Here you go, Byz.

This one is from right here in the Pit… http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=29818

And this one is in GD… http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=29563

Both closed, BTW. There was another one in MPSIMS, but I think the whole thread was deleted because I can’t seem to find it.

So I just came from the closed thread How important can it be? where kellibelli replied to my post “nice try”. Apparently she believes I’m lindsay. Well I’m not. As for not knowing what a sock puppet is, what can I say. I’m Swedish. That would probably explain why I don’t understand everything. I really don’t like her attitude either (lindsay’s that is) but now, well, I don’t know. Thanks a lot.

Soda, I believe you. Welcome aboard. You just caught us at a bad time, I guess. Good to see a fellow European poster! I’m Dutch, myself.

Thanks Coldfire. I was beginning to get high school flashbacks where the cool kids wouldn’t talk to me because they all thought I was friends with my really creepy neighbor.

Soda , you justed popped up at the wrong time. Please don’t take it personal .

A sockpuppet is a second user name which a poster uses to back up there point or just add to the confusion . eg. I create an account for “MIMI” and anytime somebody disagrees with yojimbo “MIMI” turns up and says "leave yojimbo alone I really like him and he’s one of the best posters onthis board " .

So don’t worry about it soda , and welcome . I’m Irish , nice to see another Euro. here .

Yeah, leave yojimbo alone I really like him and he’s one of the best posters on this board. So there :wink:

The day somebody thinks that your my sockpuppet will be a very proud day for me , Coldfire . Now I’ve got something to aim for :wink:

Okay, okay, I know who this poster is now and I just know I’m gonna catch hell here but in some ways, I agree with her.

Okay, put down those sharp knives and give a bit of an audience here.

She, in this thread:


(Shit, I hope that posted right)

Made the comment:

“When JFK, Jr’s plane crashed there was so much attention given to finding the remains. Fine. However, there were other plane wrecks and not as much effort made to find those missing people.”

I know the bulk of you won’t like this but that is very true. Think of the Alaska flight and the flight (TWA?) 700 that went down… how much effort was REALLY expended to find these non-celebrities? They were just as important to somebody… they were someone’s Wally and the bulk of America, nay, even the world, didn’t really care about the recovery of THEIR bodies.

I know she’s been pretty nasty on some other threads but that is still a valid point. Why is it so important to recover JFK Jr’s body but not some of the other’s? All of these people were a Wally to someone…

I think her point was it’s sad that we make such a big deal about some but not everyone. And that IS sad. Everyone is a Wally to someone. Everyone who dies is a Wally. This person was important to someone. They mattered. But we don’t give them the “value” we give to a celebrity. That is our own folly, not hers. She’s just pointing that out. Again, not very eloquently or with kindness but it is a valid point.

“I still wish I could go back and keep her from getting into that car.”

Yeah, I wish I could keep my brother from going riding that day. I don’t think that’s so out of line. I wish I had… his death wasn’t real to me until I woke up a few days before the first Christmas after his death and I just had to call him. I woke from dead sleep with this driving need to call my brother… and as I reached for the phone it really hit me that I COULDN’T call him. I could never save him. Because he was already dead. That is the moment his death became real to me.

“Doesn’t mean I want to watch nonstop coverage of the death and ignore the rest of the news.”

Well, me either. My brother’s death was only a blurb on the news and they not only mis-pronounced his name they mis-spelled it and got almost all the information wrong. I’m glad it wasn’t a big news event. I think that would have hurt my parents more. But again, I can in a way, see the point I THINK she is trying to make:

We give so much coverage and time and attention to the death of someone “important” but for the bulk of humanity that dies, we give short shrift. And yes, honey, I do think you are somewhat jealous that Wally ascended to such a point that we, as a board, wish to mourn his loss.

Again, I don’t think we are doing anything wrong by missing him and honoring him. I think she’s just upset that we have more feeling for him than for others.

Again, yes, this IS sad. But I think that every single one of us that really is here, on this board, for more than a fleeting moment, knows and at times, mourns the loss of a poster. If through death or life commitments, we do honor those that have struck us as important.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with that at all.

I also think I’ve given you a grand opportunity to come back and post and maybe make some friends out of enemies. Don’t fuck me over on this. I’m really trying to give you the benefit of the doubt at the risk of getting my own ass kicked all over the fucking board. Please, don’t let me down.

Byz, you ignorant slut! Just kidding :wink:

In itself, those points are quite valid. That is, however, not the problem. The reason why that thread eveolved into a Lindsay-slaying-fest, is the fact that she simultaneously had opened about 3 threads across the board that asked who Wally was. AND that she categorically denied remembering him, even when interactions between her and Wally were pointed out to her.

So in short, I’m not saying the points Lindsay made in that 24-hour Grief TV thead were completely invalid. They DID seem a shallow cover for her real purpose though. And THAT’S the problem.

Ok, i can understand where you are coming from Byz and i have no problem with it at all. That JFK Jr thing was a total crock.

Being a newbie around here, i never got to know Wally, but i didn’t go around shooting my mouth off like it was a howitzer either. I read the posts about his death and everything else, and the last thing that would run through my mind is to go and start a thread like she had. If she might have used a little common sense and reworded her statement a little differently, it might have eased some of the flak she got, but it also didn’t help with the way she was replying back to some of the posts. She brought it upon herself, whether she likes it or not, and now has to lay in the bed she made.

I’m all for giving people a second chance, i’ve said my peace, now i’ll just wait to see what her next move is.

Coldfire, you massive male tart! And I’m NOT kidding ;)(you’re a slut and we all just KNOW that about you so I’m NOT telling tales out of school here, ya ho!) Hoe? Or is it Whoe? Whatever. You are a tart, a slut, a base, a snicker and a snag… oh yeah… gotta get to the point… anyway. :wink:

Yes, she really didn’t give herself a lot of ballast on this. In fact, even with my help, I think she has sunk her own battleship. But I’m trying to support her in the points I do think are valid.

Attacking Wally was just beyond silly, wether or not she had interaction with him. I’ve done my own posting of, “WHO?” as a joke to some but I never let that stand when we are really talking about someone most of us, god forbid the word, “regulars” know.

We really do know who is here, around, day after day or week after week. You get to know the “regs”. And Wally was one. However, in that particular thread, she didn’t attack him directly and that is why I quoted it.

I guess, contrary to popular belief about me, I’m really trying to be nice and give her a chance to come back and make nice and become a good poster. Hey, I’ve done the same for others that really weren’t worth it but I do have some value here. I just hope she won’t prove me wrong.

JBurton99 – I’m not EVEN going to get into the syntax/spelling/etc of your post because I quite like your essence… Yes, a very good point. She could have been far more generous in her posts. Just like I was in mine. Being generous. Hopefully, she won’t let me hang for nothing. However, I’ve done this same thing before and been badly burned. But I honestly think there is something there to this poster. Again, benefit of the doubt. I’m willing to give up to 5 days for a reply… as, again, I’m leaving soon for another river trip. So you guys watch for me, okay?

Sorry about that Soda, you just popped your head up at a REALLY bad moment - friends?

Byz, she is also the braniac behind having people pay by the pound on airlines. I beleive some others have pointed out a remarkable serlin-esque quality to ‘her’. I know you dont have alot of time for thread searching, but try and trust me & Coldy and others on this. Some of the mostreserved posters in this place have come out with pistols blazing - and for good reason.

Sure thing kellibelli. It just really got to me since I was being sincere, and I was worried I’d might have to reconsider.
To get back to the subject, one of the reasons why I can’t stand lindsay is the fact that she thinks there’s nothing wrong with being superficial, which pretty much sums it up I’d say.

::kelli puts protective arm around soda::

I agree buddy, 100 percent.