I can't stand lindsay because...

kellibelli – hey baby, where you been?! Glad to see you back around! Yeah, I just posted back to that thread in IMHO but I don’t think anyone is going to like my views there either.

Ya know, I should just probably learn to keep my mouth shut. But I can’t. I may not like what the bulk of a poster has to say but if they have a point I’m willing to stand up for it. Even if they are basically a shit.

I guess I just believe in points. I have a hard time just jumping someone’s shit for their “over all” posts. I want to address the points they make. I think in that I’ve always been pretty fair.


I’m probably going to get my ass verbally reamed but, ah well. As I’ve always said; I’m a big girl and I can take it. And I will always stand up for what I think is fair. No matter who thinks I’m an asshole for doing so.

I can’t help but be true to me. Just because there’s a bandwagon, I won’t jump on it just because everyone else does. I can’t. It’s not fair. I hope you and everyone else understands that.

Knowing that I’m SOOOO burning bridges,

Oh Byz? We must have forgotten to tell you that our bandwagon has FREE BEER and nekkid, oily men.

Still not on it? Huh? HUH??

Anyone else think Byz WANTS her ass reamed??

Oh me first!! Ops, wait a second… Is that in a sexual way or not? If it is count me in!! :smiley: If not, hell no. I’m smart enough to know that one does not pick a fight with Byz. :eek:

Oh and Byz, thanks for not ripping me apart for my grammer. I suck at it and i know it. I can say those long words, i just cants spel dem. :wink:

Honestly, Byz, I can’t recall an airplane crash where the effort to recover bodies wasn’t intense and extensive – including the ones you’ve mentioned.

As for the OP: Lindsay’s a textbook troll. She’s actually better than most, trying to disguise it as innocent. But she’s a troll. She posts provocative things for no other reason than to attract attention to herself and elicit wrath.

Perhaps some of our troll radars are a bit off, having spent most of the summer dealing with infestations of the lowlier, 13-year-old variety.

Methinks Byz has a very valid point. However, I also believe that there is a more simple explanation that allows for the possibility that lindsay is telling the truth, but is not explaining herself well, and is being a bit abrasive.

This is the first message board in which I have actively participated. When I first stumbled upon it, I started reading threads and found myself captivated. In my zeal to read and digest as much as possible, I frequently failed to take note of the names over to the left of the posts. A few trips to Great Debates, where there is often more give and take between specific posters, caused me to start asking “Now who said that? Isn’t he the same guy who said _____ over in MPSIMS?” After a while, I began to realize that the posters had personalities, that there were real people behind the posts.

Some of us, me included, had to make a conscious effort to break down the wall, to change our way of thinking. I am more accustomed to talking face to face, I do not really even like the telephone. Others seem to have a knack for this, to the point of recognizing old trolls by their “voice” even.

In other words, I think lindsay actually did not realize she had interacted with Wally, because she did not look at the name when his posts appeared. Why she decided to raise hell over the fact that others did recognize and remember him is beyond me.

Damn, I thought this was going to be a short post. And if Byz just wants her ass reamed, sign me up, but under the same conditions as JBurton.

So can someone tell me why I’m getting emails from this so called person directing me to the thread that was locked?

Lindsay, I get one more email from you - and YES, consider this me putting you on notice you piece of human garbage - and you are going to be shopping for a new ISP.

Coldfire, I will be emailing you later just to fill your mailbox with congratulations, thanks, kudos, hugs and kisses for so APTLY describing this vile piece of cyber-crap we know as Lindsay. Here are some home grown midwest hugs for you man! {{{Coldfire}}}

I think Gillygirl that you are as bad as Lindsay for starting YET another thread on a poster that would be better left to conventry. The posters on the board can deal with her, there is no need to start thread after thread about it.

Guys, please don’t kill me but, while I dislike lindsay to the ninth degree, I want y’all to remember we have had the email terroist troll work on this board before using other peoples names and emails to do the send this page thing.

If it is her doing this then her best bet is to knock it off, (yeah, I got one too.).

I now return you to the lindsay toasting already in progress.

BTW , did I mention that lindsay is full of shit ?

To all the longterm SDMBers- Is it just my overactive paranoia, or does Lindsay remind anyone else of John-John/Cyberian/Sandy Cane, etc.?

For more recent members, this has nothing to do with JFK jr. John-John was a former poster who was a… a… well, for want of a better term, was a Lindsay. Cyberian was a former incarnation of him, and Sandy Cane was one of his lame sock puppets.


Could you explain your screen name, please? I ask because the only definition of “gilly” that I know is, well, unflattering. That would not matter except that the definiton has a lot to do with attitudes Lindsay herself seems to espouse.

I hesitate to provide the definition myself because I don’t want to slander you needlessly if I am wrong.

LOL Gillygirl is what I call my dog, whos name is Gillygoofang…which is a fish from an old childrens book called “The Gillygoofang” by Gerorge Mendosa (not 100% sure thats how you spell the authors name) So, I have nice associations with this name so please don’t tell me how you have heard it used LOL
As for whether or not this thread is a good idea, maybe it is and maybe it isn’t, but it’s gotten some people analyzing her previous posts and motives and stuff, and who knows, maybe she isnt all that bad (or…maybe she is LOL)
Also, If anyone (except lindsay of course) thinks this thread should be closed, just go ahead and ask and when i get home laaaaaaate tonight (I work the evening shift) I’ll email a mod and ask them to (If they haven’t already)

Thanks for the answer, gillygirl. I will say that maybe 20% of what Lindsay has said on this board is within the bounds of reason. However, the other 80% indicates that she is beneath contempt. Way beneath.

Oh, Coldie, that’s really LOW. Free beer? Is it good beer? Are these men around thirty, forty or so? Really? Well, as far as bandwagons go that sounds really nice… drool, drool.

Hey, get your fucking hands off my ass! If I want a butt reaming, verbal or otherwise, I’ll let you know! Gee, kelli, not like you’ve got designs on my ass or anything. And I always thought you were straight! :wink:

Milossarian – I’m not saying there isn’t an effort made but it doesn’t seem as “important” since the folks are not classified as “important”. And I do think the time, money and effort to recover JFK Jr was a lot more extensive than it would have been if he were just Joe Average. This is JMHO so…

Missy2U – uh oh. That’s pretty classic. Lindsay, you wouldn’t happen to be old MS again, would you? He would do that. Okay, I would suggest that you get your ass in here and defend yourself here and not by sending e-mails to folks trying to drive up some support. That’s such a wiener thing to do. I’m really glad I took my e-mail address off this board!

John John aka Cyberian is alive and well on the 3F mb. Although John is a cretin, I really doubt that he is pulling this Lindsay stunt.

Lindsay seems to be a completely seperate idiot.

To repeat what I said earlier, and to answer the OP:

“I can’t stand lindsay because…”

She’s a putz.

Somebody E-mail Japan.

                     Have them ask Godzilla to come here , & rip a new asshole for dear, sweet, Lindsay on our behalf ,AND THEN HAVE HIM STICK HIS HUGE , SCALEY, REPTILIAN, RADIOACTIVE PRICK RIGHT UP LINSAY'S NEWLY REDECORATED ANUS!!!!!!

Hey, it was worth repeating.

Did I mention that Lindsey is the principle source of STDs in giant , radioactive dinosaurs?

I have not had contact with Lindsay, but I find her behavior to be below contempt. Wally touched the hearts and the lives of persons that exist only as script on this board. These members didn’t need to meet Wally face to face to have a bond with him, they have all shown they are human by having emotions and feeling grief.

For some strange reason, Lindsay has decided the emotions and grief felt among the members is wrong and lacking in reason. Any number of waste excreting body parts could be used to describe Lindsay. I can vision Lindsay described in animalistic terms or compared to the insect world. These descriptions would fit, any and all, Lindsay is devoid of human attributes.

I pity Lindsay, it must be difficult to be like this. I surely hope this bloated, maggot infested, putrid cunt would stop this.

I think my main problem with Lindsay is that she has a problem listening to the views of others. She came in, in several threads, all set with her opinion, or what she had to say, but she wasn’t willing to listen to any other view. She said so explicitly in the GD thread about appearance being what matters most.


“Don’t feel that way, and I am not listening.”

thread: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=29547

She seems somewhat bent on believing what she believes and not entertaining the thoughts of others. I have an issue with this. The place for stating your opinion and not listening to anyone else’s is the wall of a public restroom.

::Rod Serling wanders in; puffs the cig; music swells::

For your consideration…picture an ordinary person, a man who looks like any other. But this man resides not in our dimension. Because this man, unlike most others, is reclined on a bed by the ghastly light of a computer monitor.

Further imagine this man with knitted likenessess of his inner torment, each finely fitted to every appendage of his body. This man stretches on the rack of his own imagination, a knitted doll on each appendage; toes, fingers…everything. ::smokes rather than retches::

Some are female, some are male; each have their own voices but each speak with his voice. A nightmare, you say? A bizarre craft show from Hell; bobbing, grotesque idols animated only by the demons of his mind and random bodily impulses.

Imagination, you say? Nightmare? No, you have just entered ::ominous music::
The Troll Zone!