screw you all

well I just read someones post in one of the sections about racial dating, and I brought up the same topic when I first came on here, because I was curious about it. I got racked over the coals for it, and here you are telling this person they are not predjudice. So one person is and one person’s not? is that what Im seeing here? cause if thats the case you all can go to hell. Atleast the ones that gave me shit about it. Why I came back to this board Ill never know, I guess cause its something Brian liked and i wanted to be part of it. But I realize now some and notice I said some, of you are just plain assholes that doesnt take the time to listen to someone or get to know them. Then as I recall you moved from that issue to other ones like my web page, then hmmm lets see, and my posts about silly sexual stuff, even though you guys post shit like that all the time on here. did anyone say anything bad about Brian’s post of getting it up the ass? no I think not, infact you all added a lot too it about Lubs, but guarenteed if I would have been the one to post that exact thing I would have been called a few choice words and had sweet little comments made to me in the threads. Guess what Im trying to say here is you people need to think twice about what you post to one person and then to another, it cant be ok for someone to post something then turn around have someone post the EXACT same topic and have it be ok for one and not the other. How Brian can even stand to talk to some of you Ill never know. Those of you that said shit to me can go to hell. so anyhow you all have your fun, I just hope some other sorry sap doesnt get cought in the middle of it.

Love Always,
Heather Lee

Nice post/sig combo.



Wait a minute! This isn’t an invitation to the Party Of The Century?

Just like a woman-they get your hopes up and then…

Heatherlee: I think a big coffee-colored wahoona is just what these jokers need to show who’s boss!!! Yeah, screw 'em! Go girl!

Well, I didn’t post to either of those OPs, so I’m in the clear.


This space for rent.

Well, Heather, nobody should have called you a racist based on your aesthetics. When “racist” is properly applied, it is a serious condemnation. When it is flippantly applied, it’s like calling somebody a big fat poohead - it demonstrates nothing but the intellectual helplessness of the person applying it.

What I don’t understand is, did any individual jump down your throat but support matt_mcl? If not, then it just seems like both of you got a dose of opinion from coherent individuals … it’s just that you got unlucky and matt got lucky.

When folks get you down, just repeat the following prayer

Nothing I write about any person or group should be applied to a larger group.

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I don’t think I was even around to post on your thread. . .
– Sylence

And now, for my next trick, I will talk in spooky half-references.

For what it’s worth, Heatherlee, I support your right to feel attracted to and date whomever you please. And you shouldn’t take shit for it. Don’t worry about some schmuck who has decided that your personal tastes are “wrong,” just because he has a different opinion.

And as someone astutely mentioned earlier, we don’t tend to date people to whom we are not attracted. And the basis for our attraction is our own personal taste, not trying to please others.

One suggestion: don’t characterize the whole board as having one opinion. SOME posters may have raked you over the coals, while OTHER posters were supportive of the comments made by someone else (whom you think said the same thing you did.) If it’s the same people saying different things in response to the same question, then please, flame away at them for hypocrisy.

But if it’s different people saying different things, then please don’t condemn the whole Message Board. This is a Board, where people post their responses and opinions. The Board itself has none.

Also, you might want to look at whether this other person really was saying the same thing you were. Sometimes simple wording differences can carry weighty implications, even though the question itself seems to be the same.

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well no its not you guys that said things and I thank you for being so nice about it, and its not the boards fault its fuck heads like ruadh that cant get a grip on reality and are opinionated assholes. but as far as Im concerned this is done with atleast with that person…oops Im giving too much credit calling that dick a person., unless anyone else wants to play now? Ill be glad to go another round

Love Always,
Heather Lee

I don’t want to play, but perhaps it could have read “Screw most of you?”

I’d love to play … except that when I try to read heatherlee’s posts, my parser overloads.

Just make sure the strap-on is well-lubed. :wink:

Can anyone find that OP? Let’s read what you’re talking about here. Thanks!

…and you’d be “prejudiced” not “prejudice”… unless they were accusing you of being somehow the epitome of prejudice, of somehow embodying the concept…

O p a l C a t

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