I can't stop playing Gwen Stefani album You Make It Feel Like Christmas

I have the newly released Deluxe edition of You Make It Feel Like Christmas with 17 songs.

Gwen wrote several of them. Under the Christmas Lights is one of my favorites. She wrote & performed You Make It Feel Like Christmas with Blake Shelton.

I can’t get enough of this album. I play it every time I get in my car. Had it playing on my home stereo Christmas afternoon.

It’s been a few years since I ran across a new Christmas album that’s this good. Even the old classics have fresh and original arrangements.

Under the Christmas Lights, so awesome!

I think most of the album is on YouTube.

I’m not sure the title is a compliment. “‘You Make It Feel Like Christmas,’ and by that I mean hectic, stressful, and burdened with a long history of family resentments.”


I see your point. The wording can be interpreted a couple ways. I’m not sure how that could be reworded & fixed.

They took a humorous approach in the video.