I celebrated my 80th birthday on top of a mountain

Run with the bulls in Pamploma? A guy like this should have sex with the bulls in Pamploma!

Happy Birthday, Geoff! Many more!

Happy birthday!

My granddad walked the entire Milford Sound trek when he was 82. For your 90th I suggest you try and beat his time!

I was going to suggest that he make the bulls run from him, and this just might be the threat to make that work. :eek:

Seriously, man, that’s an excellent birthday. My grandfather was riding bicycles with his teenage and younger grandkids into his late 80s at least, and I hope your 90th birthday is even better than the 80th. How about hang-gliding off Mt. Haleakala on the island of Maui? I know a 60-something guy who did it, so if you can smoke some 50-something kids mountain-climbing, maybe this is your next adventure?

Happy Birthday, Geoff! Climbing a mountain one day, telling the world about it on the Net the next. Your are a great inspiration for aging dynamically. Any photos to share?

Happy Birthday, KlondikeGeoff!
I hope I can climb a mountain when I’m 80!

Well, elelle, I couldn’t find my high school graduation picture anywhere, so I guess you’ll have to take a peek at the ooooold geezer on the summit.

The whole gang consists of my three kids, my brother and a friend or twol I’m the 4th from the left here.

Damn, you don’t even look 80!

I agree. You look good! Happy 80th!

Hell, he doesn’t even look 60.

Dammit. I guess I’ll have to find a mountain around here.

I couldn’t climb a mountain and it may be ten years before I get laid again.

Let me say on behalf of us youngsters, whadderya nuts?! It’s 102 degrees out there. (I live in the desert myself but then I sat around all day like a sensible 50 year old, in the air conditioning, with my feet up, surfing the Dope.)

Happy Birthday, KlondikeGeoff and many happy returns. You seriously put me to shame.

Good for you! If I can’t hike when I’m 80, I’ll be a miserable old man.

I have to add my own note of caution, though. Don’t overdo it. There’s a fine line between being active and being foolish. (if you’ll deign to take the advice of a 53-year-old whippersnapper)

Over on another forum that I visit, a member had an ongoing thread about their journey of losing weight and returning to a healthy lifestyle. One day after proudly posting about a long bike ride in hot weather, he died of a heart attack.

Many happy returns indeed. Just remember that you’re only 50 in base 16.

For my old man’s 80th we treated him to a flight in a Tiger Moth. He’d soloed in one as a RAF trainee sixty years previously. He was less than sprightly walking out to the plane - it’s safe to say his mountain-climbing days are behind him - but they got him into the cockpit and I understand the instructor let him have the stick for most of the time they were up there. :slight_smile:

I’m sure if you asked one of the winged Dopers nicely they’d set you up with something of the sort for 2017. Happy birthday KG, you kick major ass.

Well…your arrival in Las Vegas would be reason enough to hold yet another DopeFest here! Granted, it might be a tad warm, but you sound like you could handle it, although we would have to get strippers to prove it - and pictures of the event to verify the fact…so start saving those dollar bills!

Happy Birthday - and by the way, my aunt just turned 89 and she is a kick and a half, so if you are into older women, have I got a babe for you!

How about that for his 85th and some, much more sedate, water diving for his 90th? None of that sissy snorkeling… bottles and all.

You are a kelluva guy, KlondikeGeoff. Even the lynx in the picture next to yours looks afraid of you! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday, KlondikeGeoff. I want to be like you when I grow up.

What **Baldwin ** said. :slight_smile: