I challenge you to find a bigger WTF than this WTF. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the Tree Man

Scroll through the pictures. Warning: You’ll need a bucket full of eye bleach, and another to yak into.

Summary for those too afraid to click from work?

Dude has a immune system disorder and a serious case of warts, resulting in growths on his legs, arms, hands and feet that look like branches. There has been an ongoing struggle to treat them.

Haven’t we done this before? I’m talking years.

But yes, it’s disturbing as hell.

And they do mean “tree-like” - the warts, which are very extensive, look like wood growing out of his skin.

Sorry, didn’t mean to square you. But FWIW I wouldn’t have linked directly to NSFW content.

I thought this sounded familiar.

I can’t put my finger on it, but I feel like there is some irony in the fact that you require eye bleach and something to yak in when looking at pictures of a person with an immune disorder, yet you intentionally lived in a hovel that was so full of revolting crap that you had to hire professional cleaners to clear it. One would think that you would be a bit more sympathetic.

Or simply a modicum of intestinal fortitude. Seriously…

That’s as good an argument for the HPV vaccine as I’ve ever seen.

A lot of people find illnesses to be gross. It doesn’t help that this guy looks human, but has certain non-human features. It could easily cross into uncanny valley for some people.

And it just goes to show that different people are grossed out by different things. And lissener’s apparent past shows that being able to handle one thing that is generally perceived as gross does not guarantee the ability to handle another.

“Treeman” has since been successfully treated. There are multi-part videos on him on Youtube showing his progress.

Actually, his warts keep coming back, requiring repeated surgeries.

This is tree man two that has been an internet hit for a while. The good thing is he didn’t get as bad as tree man one.

He looks great now compared to what he looked like before.

Point being that if you think it’s gross now, you should have seen him when they first found him.

It’s not really necessary to drag in other stuff and make personal remarks about the OP. Don’t do this again.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

What’s amazing about that picture is that if it weren’t for the tree stuff, he looks like he could have come right out of a GAP advertisement. Seriously - the blue GAP shirt, the crisp white slacks, the long flowing hair - and he’s obviously a pretty handsome guy, underneath the growths on his face. If you completely removed all of the stuff growing on him, that photo, complete with the weathered-looking bench he’s sitting on, could be on a page of the GAP catalog.


Huh what? I took time to write out a paragraph, so responding to it with three letters is a big pain in the ass to me. If you have something to say, say it.