There's GOT to be something wrong with this woman (TMI!)

A friend of mine (with friends like these, who needs enemies) pointed me at a video stored at “” website. There’s a woman there who’s…

…and trust me it’s pretty wierd…

…I warn you to stop reading now…

…who’s vagina/labia/etc is so large that her boyfriend can literally fit his head in there. Yes, the head on the end of his neck, not the little one.

Is this the result of years of abuse & stretching? A friend suggested, due to her “flowered” appearance, that it might be elephantitis but I was thinking that was truly a bone disease and not a soft-tissue disease so it would be unlikely.

So - if you want to see & comment, I’ll link to the removed link and you can see for yourself. Search for a link there with “FUKKER” in the name. I think this doubled-reference meets board rules.

Note! The archive page is NOT WORK SAFE! itself, although it’s mostly nasty porno ads. The video linked is, of course, also not work safe.

You’ve been warned!

I believe I may have seen the video you refer to (don’t even ask why…) and, if it’s the one I’m thinking of, it’s a fairly obvious fake, with prosthetic stretchy flaps.

^I second Colophon’s statement.

Yeah, if it’s on the one that’s been around for a while (is the guy bald?), then it’s been debunked as fake.

Not that I ever go to bangedup… nuh uh…

So then this can’t be ruled out as a cure for baldness?

I would also just like to repeat the phrase “prosthetic stretchy flaps”.

Thank you.

^sure, but vcan you say it ten times fast?

Just as a side note, elephantiasis is caused by the obstruction of lymph vessels and doesn’t have anything to do with bones.

I don’t doubt that the fleshy parts could stretch enough, but the bones would be a problem. Remember, a normal woman’s pelvic opening is just big enough for a new baby’s (still malleable) head to fit through. So for this to be real, either the fellow’s head would have to be unusually small, or the lass’s pelvis would have to be unusually large, or more likely, both, and adult bone (unlike fleshy parts) is not known for its ability to stretch.


Belrix, I removed the link from your post. It was definitely NSFW. If you wish to post links to sites that contain nudity, pornography or any other thing that you wouldn’t want your boss to see on your work computer, make sure you use the “two click” rule.

The two click rule states that there must be an interim site between the SDMB and the inappropriate website.

Please remember that in the future. Thanks.


Understood Rico.

So, for those wish to see this wonderment, got to, follow the “archive” link at the bottom of the main page (main page is NSFW!) to the main archive page (NSFW), then search for the video link (also NSFW) by searching for “FUKKER” with your browser.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, all things about are not safe for work, children, grandmothers, pets, the offenderandi, etc. I wouldn’t have been there except for my friend’s “You gotta see this” email. You’d think I’d have learned by now. :rolleyes:

If I’ve done this right, there’s no clicking on this addendum so the two-click rule is in effect as a you-have-to-type-it-all-out variation. Rico, if I’m in the wrong on this again, just delete this posting and I’ll just let the thread whither away.

As for the debunkedness of this, I’ll have to look more carefully at home, I can’t check from here. I have this urge to watch between the fingers of my covered eyes to begin with so spotting the prosthetics might be difficult.

You’re perfectly all right, Bel.


Having seen this now, I think that the woman is actually crouching inside the “chair”, and that everything from the waist down is prosthetic (the gament apparently accross her midsection would be hiding the seam). Her body seems to take an odd angle right where the seam would be (though we don’t see much of that area, presumably deliberately), and the legs never move.

Also note that when the man opens the vagina, it seems to hinge open, and stays exactly as open when he removes his hands, with no restoration at all. And when he inserts the water bottle, which is much smaller than his head, and smaller even than the opening he made with his hands, he nonetheless pantomimes it being a tight squeeze, which seems implausible (any opening which can admit a man’s head is not going to be extremely lose for something that small).

Not to mention that a woman who’s not in labor isn’t that stretchy anyhow. During the last few months of labor, our ligaments get looser and our pelvic bones do move apart slightly to accomodate a baby’s head, but not by *that *much. And almost immediately after birth, the ligaments begin tightening again.

I just helped a friend deliver a baby, and I was amazed at how small that head squishes down. When we first saw his head still in the birth canal, I thought that there was something wrong and he had no skull! I saw deep wrinkles like the brain itself. Actually, the wrinkles were the skin of his scalp, wrinkling over his overlapped skull bones. It all squished into a tube no wider than 5 inches in diameter before popping out round the moment his chin was clear of the labia.

While I haven’t seen the video, I seriously doubt this guy’s head is 5 inches in diameter.

{Bolding mine}
Holy cow! If it lasts that long, I am never going to have kids! :eek:

(Punk) Band Name!

I always marveled that we have two different names for the same thing depending on whether you’re trying to get in or out.

It often does, but not the shrieking and clutching the stomach labor you see on TV. It’s not uncommon for a woman to slowly dilate starting in the 7th or 8th month. The woman I was with recently had begun her dilation about 8 weeks before actually giving birth. We had several false alarms where we left the hospital with a baby still on board. Ligaments start to loosen around the 6th or 7th month, sometimes even earlier.

But nothing loosens far enough to admit a full grown head. Even a full separation of the pubic bones in front (very painful, and thankfully very rare) wouldn’t do it, I wouldn’t think. The video’s very likely a fake.

But let me ask, is sticking your head up a women’s cunny a common male fantasy? 'Cause all I think is EEEEEEWWWWW!. But someone must like it for these folks to go to the trouble of making it. Or is it a gross-out piece. Is it meant to be sexy?

I read in a book once that the Vietnamese languages has two names for it, depending on whether someone is going out or coming in.

Right. We believe you. Sure.