Ask Dr. Sisters – your sexual questions answered!

Ask me my young, randy friends; what do you want to know about sex? I can tell you anything… you just have to ask!

Err…I seem to have misplaced it; where has it ventured off to?

Your virginity? Ah yes, well it’s here in my pocket… you have to come and get it… :slight_smile:

Come on, give me something harder than that!

And yes that IS a pun!

Um, is there a term for when a woman’s labia minora are so long they hang outside her pussy?

Yeah, normal. Let me be more specific. First, there are the outer lips (labia majora) and they are pronounced for most women. Then we have the inner lips (labia minora) and these also vary in size, shape and even sensitivity. No female organ is the same… via la difference! During sexual stimulation these inner lips can swell and turn darker in color.

So again, the answer to your question “is there a term for when a woman’s labia minora are so long they hang outside her pussy?” the term is still labia minora and I’d say it’s normal and the woman is excited. Also, please note that both the labia majora and labia minora are “outside” the vaginal walls, therefore, “outside the pussy”. Long or not, all of these “lips” are “hanging” “outside” the “pussy”. Get a good copy of “Our bodies, Ourselves” for further reference.

Next question please.

Well, I used the term ‘outside the pussy’ instead of ‘outside the vagina’ because I knew the technical definintion for vagina, while I use ‘pussy’ to refer to the whole kit and kaboodle.

I was hoping there was a phrase for it like there are for other ‘normal yet uncommon’ parts, like ‘budding rose’ for an unusually large clitoris, or ‘puffies’ for those nipples that stick out and have wrinkles instead of bumps on the aureola (sp?).

How come every woman who wants to do it with me lives at least 1000 miles away? :frowning:

Dr. Byz,

This isn’t so much about sex as it is about the choices women make.

I broke up last month with a two year steady. I’m 46, not too terrible to look at (or so I’m told), I own a house (paid for}, have a good job and a nice car. Every woman I know tells me what a great guy I am and how much fun I am to be with. They all love me as a friend. But when it comes to dates I strike out, they go out with the most most foul-mouthed, shallow, out-for-a-piece-of-ass guys around and then cry on my shoulder when they get hurt.

Should I take some asshole lessons or just keep looking?

Also, in the last two weeks, I’ve started to develope Carpel Tunnel in my right wrist from repetative motion, will my insurance cover this?

Thanks in advance for your advice.


Um, I’m not Byzantine, but the asshole method REALLY worked for me…I had a 2 year dry spell, and I got really frustrated with and angry at this long-term platonic friend I had, and verbally tore her down, said everything mean about her I wanted to say but was too nice to before, made her cry, the works. A few hours later, the relationship was no longer platonic.

After that, I started being so nice to women, and got good results. I would suggest only doing this for a few months, it will build up your self-confidence, then you can get in a real relationship if you want (I was drunk when I met my wife and forgot to be an asshole to her, yet she still liked me).

Um, ‘started’ should be ‘stopped’, brain fart, sorry.

Badtz Maru – there is no “term” for fuller inter lips that I’ve ever heard of or read or used. Lips, inner or outer, are just referred to, collectively, as lips. In a more euphemistic voice I’ve read that they are compared to the very petals of a rose or an orchid… and I think it was Georgia O’Keef (sp?) who was said to have such wonderfully sexual paintings… I guess the rote is flowers, deflowering of virgins… I’m sure you get the gist. And they all hang… some are big, some are small. I’m not aware of any term to describe the differences in them. Perhaps someone would like to share some term with us. Uh, that would be a nice “term” not some sick and degrading term? Thank you. There may very well be a “term” for what you describe as turgid, inner lips but I myself am unaware of it.

Eutychus55 – obviously, you have very bad karma. What in the world did you do that only women that are out of your reach want to have sex with you? It MUST be your own fault. If it’s not karma punishing you than it must be Jesus Christ himself. Hey, what can I say? :slight_smile:

:confused: :frowning:

Hey, you asked! Let’s be a bit more clear; what religion would you like me to phrase my answer in? I can translate into over 15 different religions. Pick your poison, hon.

Never mind. :frowning:

Dr. Byz, I have a problem with my… er… genitalia. It occasionally swells up REALLY big and hard. I measured it once and it was about 14 inches. It was really hard to pee.

What can I do to stop this swelling, so that I can pee again? I mean, I REALLY have to go!

VaHermit – there seems to me to be some kind of idea that most women “like” asshole guys. That is, I mean, that nice men often notice that the nice ladies they like seem to flock to asshole guys… this is not an illusion but nor is it a hard and fast reality. Some women are swayed and some aren’t. It really depends on the age of the woman and also her maturity.

You said you were in your 40’s and I’m frankly surprised that you are still seeing this. Yes, this is a sad function of the very young, very easily swayed by facade mind that exists in a younger woman. Oft times, when women are young, between the ages of 17-26 we CAN be easily swayed by what APPEARS to us as a successful male. We see the trappings of success and sometimes do not think that all his accouterments can be bought on credit. Because we see “success” we might be of the belief that he can provide for not only us but the children we wish to bring into this world. It is very often a false belief that we are not made clear of until too late; i.e. after we have brought forth children.

As a woman ages and matures we begin to see beyond this; suddenly, very fully, we no longer look at the trappings; we begin to look at the “whole” man. We want a man with stability. What held our eye at the younger age no longer holds… are you dating women far younger than yourself? Or are you meeting the bulk of your women in a bar type setting? It seems to me that if you are really meeting women your own age you would find those that are no longer interested in this “facade” type of man. You should be meeting many women that have already done the facade type man and have a child or two in tow and are now looking for a “real” man, an honest man, to settle down into a comfortable life with.

I guess I’ve posed as many questions to you as I’ve answered. But it seems to me we have many other issues to discuss. As a man of 40 are you willing or able to father children that are not your own or to have a later life child? What are you willing to do as a partner to a woman? I guess there are more questions you should ask yourself.

LOL about your wrist carpal tunnel syndrome… no, hon, I DON’T think insurance will cover that… but if you can get your head together, your priorities together, I think you could meet a mate that would take care of it for you! If you only see the bar as a place to meet women try getting into some kind of community event like an adult education class at a local high school. You never know who’ll you’ll meet and Goddess knows it’s bound to be better than the local bar fly!

My very best to you,

Badtz Maru – I disagree even if you SAY it somehow worked for you… uh, your supposed WIFE was not subject to this but “liked you anyway”? Well, that says it all. I guess at one point, ripping a woman to shreds, berating her, abusing her verbally got you laid. I fucking shudder but you think this is something to brag about and recommend to other men to try?! Please, other men out there DON’T do this. Yeah, I guess, by degrading a woman, bringing her to tears, to the point she thinks she’s such a looser ass she has nothing to loose… good Goddess but does any real man want a woman like that? A crying, sad, hurt woman? Do any of you real men want a woman that bad that you would HURT her in order to just get her to your bed?! I hope not.

I really hope not. I can’t imagine taking any human being into my bed that was in a state of agony… I don’t get off on that and I hope you don’t either. I want someone in my bed not only to bring me pleasure but to bring them pleasure too… and if they are crying or hurt? How is that bringing them pleasure? That’s fucking sick. I would just hold them and cry and do my best to help them through their pain; and fucking them at such a time is the LAST thing they need and I swear it would be the LAST thing on my mind. Frankly, Badtz Maru I think you are a sick fuck. I really do. I don’t care if you only did that “once” or to “one” woman… once is one time too many… that’s just sick. I wanted to answer questions but you popped in here with an answer I find completely, and without reservation, one of the sickest, most horrific ideas I’ve ever encountered on this board. And I DON’T say that lightly.

And then you come in to correct yourself! The biggest brain fart is you THINK THIS IS A GOOD IDEA!

I hope your large intestine wraps around your stupid head and strangles you!

OK, I have a question. What the fuck is this doing in the Pit?

Well, see my above reply… just like my tit thing, I KNEW it would get nasty within a few posts… and it did. Coldie, I know the boards… I don’t post random shit… I post where I KNOW it will go… am I wrong or what? You can chastise me and I’ll be okay with it but I feel that I know what I’m doing… am I wrong? Just say so and I’ll gladly shut the fuck up and take my post to MPSIMS but I don’t think this will go there…

I’m not here to chastise anyone! Well, unless they ask really nicely, of course.

Obviously, there’s too many naughty words in it now to transfer it to another forum (although Alphagene might judge differently). But as far as the initial OP goes, it would have been better suited in IMHO, IMHO. :wink: