I changed my major!

Well, if there’s anything I’ve learned over the past few semesters, it’s that I’m really good in Philosophy and not as good in Political Science. I’ve ended up taking more PHI courses just as electives than I have PSC courses for my major, and with the news that I’ll probably get a C in one of my requirements for the PSC major this semester, I decided I’m just going to say to hell with it.

So starting this fall, I’m officially a Philosophy major with a minor in Political Science.

It doesn’t change any plans… I’m still planning on going to law school in a JD/MA or JD/PhD program, and possibly teaching at the high school or college level. I just feel really good, and I’m ridiculously excited about the major change.


Congrats on the change! One question: if teaching high school is a serious consideration, what will the law degree do for you? In a combined program (JD/MA, JD/PhD), you’ll be spending extra years and racking up over $150,000 in bills. Just a master’s or PhD in philosophy, for which you can track down fellowships, sound like they’d be a better option.

If college level teaching is the goal, then good luck getting tenure with just a combined masters. You’ll need that PhD. And FWIW, I had 2 professors undergrad who had JD/PhDs; both were adamant that they wish they’d gotten just the PhD. Maybe it’d help if you asked around your profs for their advice?

Again, good luck! I changed my major about 5 times before I found what I really enjoyed, and loved it so much I’ve taken it to the grad level…

Congrats and good luck! I am 27 and have my MBA and STILL dont know what i want to do with my life! :slight_smile:

Ironically I changed my major too. I used to be in Health Sciences now starting the fall I will be in Biology. I always liked Biology; I even created four ecospheres around the house in my spare time. I have a turtle aquarium (with plants), two snail and aquatic plant ecospheres (in two separate 2 Liter bottles), and a jar of sea monkeys :slight_smile: ).

After setting this stuff up in my spare time, I started to dream about creating my own park/zoo (a one where animals and humans can be in peace, not a one where humans lock animals up) then it hit me… I love the study of life (and I was a huge nerd who needed to get out more).

Oh… Shoot. I should not be on this site again, I have a research paper due tomorrow. Anyways, good luck.

Glad you found something you really enjoy being in.

Cyberhwk :::Who has changed from Undecided, to Sports Management, back to Undecided, to E-commerce, and then to Computer Engineering all in the past four months:::