I changed my username

I used to be Havok.
Carry on.

Why did you change your username? If I may ask

He got envious of all the guys with longer, thicker, throbbing… usernames.

Havok seemed to be a bit more quiant.

Your new username scares me, please don’t kill my rock and roll.

As for changing my username, Havok was a particularly uninspired username, and I was never overly attached to it. I used the name RocknRoll Killing Machine on another board and I found it had a certain attraction to it, so I asked for my name to be changed here.

Yes, and I think it sucks…no offense…but it’s too freakin long.

GEEZ couldn’t you have been a little more creative with fewer letters? Not all of us can or do enjoy large screens with high resolutions and not all of us enjoy reading the titles of the threads squished into a little space because certain members have huge names that over take the right column…it’s the title we care about not your damn member name.

There I said what I had to say, Havok was just fine, your new name sucks. Change it back, or make it smaller, the new one plain sucks.

Yeah, too frickin long. When people refer to you, it’ll become RRKM. I don’t think thats what you wanted.
Or maybe it is.

I always liked the Shakespearian aspects of Havok. You know, like the quote from “Julius Caesar” by Mark Antony:

“Cry havok (sp) and let slip the dogs of War!”

Actually, I think Shakespeare’s was “havoc.”

Oh, and there are plenty of uninspired usernames out there <points to self>. Your old one wasn’t one o’ them…

Yeah, its kind of long with a lot of special typing & spelling, it’ll be real tricky to duplicate so it’ll be a cut & paste.

Well, it looks like I’m the only one who likes it. Sure it’s long, but who cares, it’s just a user name. It might be a problem if it was your real name, but then, that would be cool too. Maybe you should consider that. I don’t really like my user name though either.

At first, RRKM reminded me of like an Iggy Pop song, but then I started invisioning some demented, right-wing Pentecostal minister…

“This, gentlemen… (pulls away tarp) …is the Rock and Roll Killing Machine!”
(3 suit and tied men stand looking perplexed)“But what does it do?!?”
“It will destory anything associated with Rock-n-Roll! Behold!”
(a long-haired hippy guy with an electric quitar is brought in by 2 assistants)
“Play us a song, won’t you?” asks the minister.
“Uh… like yeah, dude.”
(Hippy guy strums 3 chords and is instantly vaporized!) ZAPP!
(Suit and tied guys gape in horror, and then applaud vigorously.)

[satanic laughter]Ha Ha Ha![/satanic laughter]“With my Rock n Roll Killing Machine I will rule the world!!”

ok, sorry, I’ll go back to work now.