I could fall asleep standing up.

Things I have learned from teaching Novell for the past two weeks:

I was not cut out to work 16 hour days.

I really do enjoy teaching, but the hell with doing it after a full day of working!

When I’m really, really tired, conversations with me get very entertaining - per my sweet SO, who has been wonderful at making sure that I make it to the bed before falling asleep.

It’s going well. No one has fallen asleep during class (not even me), they keep showing up :slight_smile: Next week, if all goes well, we are going to install a server, which will be more entertaining than just talking about it, for both me and the students.

Just an update for whoever is interested, and another thank you for all of the encouragement that I have gotten from you.

You just teach the crap out of that Novell!
Remember 2 teach is 2 touch a life 4 ever :stuck_out_tongue:
or if you teach Middle School
2 teach is 2 need a valium prescription

Good job, KimKatt! I know how grueling teaching can be, but it IS fun once you get into it, isn’t it? (Although I loathe Novell ::shudder::slight_smile:

You go, girl!!