I could leave right now and no one would notice...

I’m at work with literally nothing to do. My boss is out for the rest of the week, and I’m caught up on everything. I really could sneak out of here if I wanted. No one’s been past my cube in hours. I’d have to turn my computer off though, so if someone did come by they would know I wasn’t here. I could just leave it on all night, I don’t suppose that would hurt it.

It’s so nice outside and I could be free as a bird…is it worth the risk?

Let’s see…nice day outside, vs. possibly losing your job.

Oh, what the hell, you’re only reincarnated 6 or 7 times, so you’ve got to reach for all the gusto you can.
Or something like that.

Of course, I deny any and all responsibility.:wink:

I want to go home and wash my hair and then come back. I wonder if anyone would notice. Actually, I parked out where no one comes in or out, so no one would see me…hmmm…

You know full well that the moment you disappear, some crisis will arrive that only you can solve and you won’t be there. You know that’ll happen. It’s one of those inescapable cruelties of life.

Although my coworker sneaks out just about every day and even when the boss came looking for him, nothing happened. So I guess I’m not being very helpful here, am I? Then again, it’s almost my quitting time… :smiley:

Go. You can always make up an excuse later. Blissful weather like this doesn’t come along often.

Nice work ethic I have, huh?

Could you leave and, if someone questions you, say you had a personal emergency and were unable to reach so-and-so to inform them of your urgent need to leave? If yes, then make like a tree and get out.

Otto’s funny.

You only have 2 1/2 hours left to get caught. Go for it. Have you taken lunch yet today? I was walking around the Circle today at lunch, and it took EVERYTHING inside me to go back to work. The only thing that kept me was that I knew an attorney was waiting on a project from me.

Do it, and make it worthwhile. Do NOT spend it inside.

You’d be suprised what you can pull off.

I work at a University, so things are definately more lax than most corporate jobs, but a few years ago, we had a guy who skipped out on work to an amazing degree. No one really did anything about it for months.

He left his computer on, hung up a jacket in his office, and just left. People who came by looking for him just assumed they just temporarily missed him, since his computer was on and his jacket was still there. But he left.

I mean he really left. He just never came back. Eventually the bosses looked in to it. This took about six months. It turns out he had moved to New York, gotten a new job, and was still pulling his salary from the University. They canned him at that point, but I think he did okay, considering.

So, go for it Indy… ducking out a few hours early one day is nothing :slight_smile:

I guess she went for it.

I’m going to be the voice of reason and tell you to stay at work.
and post to SDMB, of course!

Just got back. No one’s the wiser. Yay. Now my hair is clean.


You’re my new hero.

My 4:00 class was cancelled (meaning my day is basically over except for work), so now I have to have the motivation to stay in MY cubicle…sigh

You’re not helping.