How would you quit your job?

Say you suddenly came into enough money making it possible for you to never work again (or at least do something you would enjoy doing more volunteering or some other such thing).

How would you quit your current job (if you wanted to)?

I like to think that I would make such a nuisance of myself as to get fired. Smoking at my desk, sleeping, etc.

Who am I kidding, I don’t hate these people. I would just give two weeks notice.

And then mail my keys C.O.D.:smiley:

Piss and take a shit on the bosses desk.

[sub]wait a sec… I AM the boss![/sub]

For MY job, I’d come in to the office just long enough to leave things moderately in order for the next schmuck to take my place.

Where my wife works, I’d stop by her office, ask to use her supervisor’s restroom, leave him an UpperDecker, thank him, then go get her and leave w/o saying another word.

I would walk into my boss’ office and douse his desk in kerosene. Then I’d drop a lighted match onto it, lighting it ablaze, while laughing maniacally. Then I’d take out my penis and start moving toward him with a menacing gleam in my eye. Then he’d probably run away, screaming, so I’d steal all his furniture.

No, I wouldn’t do any of those things, it’s just fun to think about.

I would first… get a new Phone number so they could never reach me again… not show up for about a month or two…
come in after that time, and start bitching to the boss about how someone has crap all over my desk(like nothing happened) and ask about the glitch in payroll…

Jeez, if you guys hate your jobs so much, why do you stay there?

I’d probably give three weeks’ notice. Not to brag, but it would be difficult to find someone to replace me quickly.

Then I’d have a going away party at Tu Tu Tango’s.

Keep your penis away from the burning desk, dude.

I’m not sure I’d even give the two weeks notice. I don’t think I would be of much use to anyone in my ecstatic state. :slight_smile:

Anyone who says they’d give two weeks’ notice after winning the lotto, or inheriting the equivalent, is either lying or a total moron. If I were your boss, I’d kick you out myself, for God’s sake. No one’s that important. No one’s gonna take you seriously, and you’re not going to take anything seriously. How goofy.

As for how I’d quit…I’d like to do a grandiose gesture, but since I like my manager, I’d be forced to call him, tell him I’m a millionaire, and promise to drop by when I get back from Hawaii and have a drink with him.

But I’d sure as hell never clock in again.

Okay, I do have fantasies where I go back to work one more time, just to do all the things that I’ve always wanted to do, but never did for fear of losing my job…but I’d never actually do it. I’m just not that kind of girl.


Oh, to be free of scruples.

Have some alligator bites for me.

Well, call me a moron. I’d give two weeks out of respect to my co-workers and to leave a good impression.

Depends on my relationship with my employer. If all’s well, I’d give notice. In any event, I would want to remain anonymous, so no one would notice the change in my life, except I would not be around any more.

At my previous job where I dealt with customers I’d have still gone in to work as usual and waited on people. The pleasant or at least tolerable customers would have been treated properly since I couldn’t in good conscience treat them poorly if they didn’t deserve it. Once some rude prick came up to me and started bitching or making unreasonable demands I’d finally get the satisfaction of being rude back to them and telling them to f**k off and go to our competitor if they don’t like it. I’d keep this up until the manager fired me. Before leaving the store I would have purposely triggered the dozen or so security alarms in the electronics department (they were very loud and shrill, annoying as hell, so imagine 12+ of them going off at the same time). I’d get in one last shot and make a very obnoxious and rude announcement over the store’s intercom before running out the door.

Having my work clothes still in my possession and having the money to travel to other cities, every now and then while in such cities I’d go into such stores dressed as and acting like one of their employees and repeat the same stunt with any rude customers I encountered until I got kicked out of the store. That would be so fun!

At my very first job, which was fast food, I’d probably do all of the above, but since I also worked with a major prick of a manager I also would have trashed the whole kitchen (knocking things over, shutting off equipment, knocking things off of shelves, etc.) I’d grab a couple ketchup bottles on my way out and then squirt their contents all over the manager’s car before fleeing the scene.

I probably wouldn’t actually have taken things this far, but some days I left so pissed off at customers and managers the thought of such antics crossed my mind several times.

At my present job there aren’t any people I dislike so much that I’d try to sabotage them or their projects and I’d probably just bow out gracefully and give adequate notice out of courtesy.

Well, I’m still in high school so I don’t have a job yet, and maybe I’m being idealistic, but…I don’t think that I would ever want to quit my job once I have one. I think it would be nice for awhile, but I would get bored. I need something to keep my mind active.

With my current job, I would actually probably keep coming in… a good chunk of the year, they’re paying me to surf the Internet! 'Sides, it would keep me from being a complete couch potato.

(But I would be snickering under my breath a lot.)

<< Foo. >>

See, that’s why I’d quit. If I won the lottery I could finally buy my own helicopter instead of renting. Not much boring about flying! And I’d be able to get a cool experimental aircraft, build it, flight test it, and travel in it. Then there’s filmmaking. I’m already thinking of building a small studio space when I get some property. It would be nice to devote more time to filmmaking.

What it comes down to is this: I’d be able to have a job (filmmaking, maybe a helicopter FBO, maybe something else) that I enjoy. Not that I don’t like my job, but the kind of frustrations that come up are not the kind of frustrations I’d prefer. If I won the lottery, I’d gladly take on the other frustrations.

LMAO - Do you believe anybody here knows what an UpperDecker is?

I must be a moron. I would have used some of the money to make the company a better place to work and still stay involved.

Last year the Pres of the Corporation “let me go.” I failed to recognize that he is the boss and that I must do what he says even if it is illegal.

I would quit on the spot and make a donation to the non-profit where I work. That would clear my conscience. OK then. What is an UpperDecker?

OK Toddly, you asked for it.


Take a dump not in the toilet bowl, but in the tank. According to The Grease Man, it will cause a stink for many flushes.

To hear Neno carry on about it was hilarious.

I loathe my job (a recent development) and if I suddenly came into enough money that I didn’t have to work ever again I would quit my job in a heartbeat.

I would take the passive agressive route and just not show up or even call. When they called me to find out why I wasn’t at work… “Oh, I’m sorry, did I forget to tell you? I won’t be coming in to work today. I won’t be coming in to work tomorrow either. In fact, I won’t be coming in to work ever again.” :: click ::

Sometimes that fantasy is all that gets me through the day.

OK Toddly, you asked for it.


Take a dump not in the toilet bowl, but in the tank. According to The Grease Man, it will cause a stink for many flushes.

To hear Neno carry on about it was hilarious.