I could use some help with this italian text here..

Well i need to provide the history of the italian flag… a high school paper, but i simply couldn’t find anything about it on virtually anywhere at all…
Encyclopedias, internet, friends, whatsoever. :frowning:
The best i could find was in this site here: http://www.quirinale.it/simboli/tricolore/tricolore.htm

Which, as you can see, looks like to cover most of it, if not all.
The problem is, i dont speak italian.
Not a damn thing on that language…
So, i was wondering if any of you guys could translate it for me?

Or if you could find anything better than Google automatic translation and point out it to me i would be grateful the same.
But if you look at it carefully you would see that it wouldn’t hurt to know a little more about Italian History, eh?

Thanks a lot.

P.S: I forgot to add that if any of you can point out any site at all that talks about italian’s flag history i would be satisfied as well.

I used google and couldn’t find anything better than that.


Translator here…

Thanks a lot, both of you. :slight_smile: