I dare ya!

What are some of the stupider things you’ve done on a dare?

I just got back from court where I was arguing an appeal before a panel of 3 judges. My buddy dared me to mention the words “peanut butter and jelly.”

Apparently he did not know who he was dealing with.

Now he demands an official transcript to document that I actually described the applicable standard of review as being “as basic as peanut butter and jelly.”

That was fun!

Well done! Careful, though… next time he’ll make you say, “ass-munching silly-silly petunia dilly.”

Ha ha ha! Sounds like someone’s been watching “Super Troopers”.

I’ve never been dared to do anything too silly. Crazy stuff, yes, but never something silly. I’ve dared people to do stupid stuff, but they usually won’t follow through. (Wimps! :)) I do remember pbrtallboy saying “f*ck you very much” instead of “thank you” to various customers at Wal-Mart, because I didn’t believe he did it the first time. (It wasn’t a dare, though.)


Oh, Walmart – those were the days. What movie did I get that from, the “fuck you very much?” Anyone?


One of the stupid things Skerri dared me to do was walk around the ledge of the U.S. Custom House in Charleston. Sliding down the handing railings on the steps down to the street once completing the dare was more thrilling, if memory serves.

Back in High School we had this thing called the Winter Ball. (basically a seconday prom with a Sadie Hawkins twist)

Also I used to do announcements over the PA in the morning. Basically humorus commercials for various events at the school.

So one day before school I asked someone if they thought it would be funny if I happened to mention that I did not have a date yet for Winter Ball. I was then dared to do it and actually paid 4 bucks.

4 dollars

What those four dollars bought from me was something I never intended to sell but the whole thing snowballed out of controll and it , and I in the process, became a huge running joke. I never did get asked to the Winter Ball. I almost got beaten up for ‘mocking’ the Winter Ball.


Hey Skerri!

Hey Zebra!i still hate your brother. :wink: Aww. I would have gone with you to the Winter Ball. Too bad those jerks didn’t have a sense of humor.

And pbr, they have since put up huge wrought-iron gates to block people from walking on the ledge of the Customs House. Too bad, too, as it was the fastest way to get to the back from the front.

I used to work for the Office of the Immigration Judge. (Now THERE was a wacky job!) One day, the law clerk challenged himself to write a draft decision for one of the judges that actually mentioned all Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. (He was laughing hysterically as he read it to each of us, in turn.)

I think the judge made him take it out of the final decision, for which American jurisprudence is much the poorer.

jeez, i need to work on my daring.

The stupidest thing I ever did on a dare was jump into a stream in the middle of February (it had been quite warm, but man that water was cold!)

I think it was used in ** Falling Down**, if that sounds familiar…