Holy crap am I deppressed.

I had to bartend at a fund-raiser and thank you dinner for the Make a Wish foundation last night. For those of you that do not know, Make a Wish provides the last wish for dying children.

The adults did not drink much, wine was provided at the dinner tables, but the kids did. So I bassicaly spent the night hanging out with a group of kids who will all be dead within the next year.


I was the only one who had any soda so the kids all hung around me. They were there either just to be there, tell what a wonderful time they had fullfilling their wish, say how much they looked forward to it, or just to be cute.

They were all great kids and seemed pretty normal at the time. A few had no hair from chemo treatments, but most of them seemed like they were happy healthy little 8 and ten year olds. I guess that a lot of those diseases don’t really hit you untill the very end, or maybe they were just really pumped up about last night.

There was one little girl, an adorable little 9 year old nammed Elanore that I talked to the most and must have made a dozen Shirley Temples for. Oh God, she was just so happy that her and her family were going to go to Disneyland. She was telling me about all of the rides she was going to go on and all of the fun she was going to have (Christ, I am tearing up as I write this) and how she wanted to go more than anything. I talked a bit to her uncle during the dinner and he told me that she has some rare type of organ cancer and will be dead within seven months.


Anyway, I declare this to be THE HAPPY GOOD TIMES FUN THREAD. Within this thread there are no children dying of cancer. There are only good and happy things and the world is a nice and shiney place full of healthy little girls that get to go to Disneyland without needing to die.

Please fill this thread with good and happy things so that I might be reminded that not all of the world sucks.

Maybe one of the posts after this one will be the happy good times fun post, but alas I am no good at cheering people up who have a very good reason to be sad.

All I can think of to say is that kids are very good at making good of a terrible situation.

I spent some time with my nieces recently (three eight and nine) and that was some happy time. I found out afterwards that they missed me terribly and cried (one of them ‘ran away from the phone’) that made me sad. I love being an Uncle. I wish I was a dad.

I just watched my 4 year old nephew pick cherries off a tree, then make a face when he tasted how sour they were. Then he licked his fingers and went running around the outside the house. He pouted when he couldn’t get in the birthday pictures, but then amused himself by ferrying cake slices to all of us. To me that’s great, I’m a gushy aunt.


Okay, if you insist…

Yee Haw!

When I was little my mom was an RN at Children’s Hospital in St. Louis. I used to go there sometimes and see her work and play with kids there. Of course, none of them were in there because they had won a prize. I’m sort of glad that I was young enough not to remember it very well, because some of them were in the positions you’re describing.

I’m not doing a good job here of making this fun, but I know what you’re talking about, and just papering over the emotion won’t do much. I think we have to acknowledge it and not let it beat us.

It does put you in a good light that it affected you. Imagine if it didn’t.

Muad’Dib, I’m right there with you man. . .

I won’t go into details, but I’ve spent enough time in a pediatric oncology ward. But you did good. You made their day. Just think of it: “Yeah, I know I’m only six-and-a-half, but I was hanging out at this bar. . .” :smiley:

Trust me. The world sucks, but at least you did what you did to make it a little better.

Shoot, I wish I was hanging out at a bar when I was six.