I defy you to find a cuter puppy

My sister lost her beloved 13-year-old Newfoundland, and she has recently started looking for another dog.

This is the puppy she’s considering.

I challenge anyone to find a cuter puppy. This picture makes me squeak.


Erm… Just ignore that squeak. :o

Awwww! That’s another Newfoundland, isn’t it? Take a look at the paws on that critter. He’s adorable.

Awwwwww. Puppy!

I accept your challenge!

Done and double done!

Puppies are so cool. I told a friend the other day, I’d like to get puppies, raise them til they get grown then adopt them out and start over.

All the joy of a pet and none of the heartbreak of watching them get old.

Sorry, Newfpup wins.

Soooo… fuzzy!


(is there a puppy site like kittenwar?)

So fuzzy and puffy!


Gosh, that’s a cute puppy, too!


Them’re cute puppies, but not so cute as Frodo when he was a pup. 'course, I’m biased :smiley:

Of course, maybe it’s just me, but I think Li’l Sam is very cuddly.

I hate you, Eve. I clicked on that, thinking it would actually be a cute dog.

Aaaa! shudder

Anyway, the OP’s dog is the cutest! So fuzzy!

I must say, I’m inclined to agree with you.

Actually, what I must say is “KYOOOOOT PUGGY PUPPY!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!”

Too. many. cute. puppies. Must. not. melt. AAAWWWwww[sub]www! Didn’t work, I’m a puddle… … .[/sub]

DiosaBellisima– I could almost smell the puppy breath. What’s weird is that it was a good scent memory.

Damn you Eve! I was totally unprepared for that thing. Gah!

Just; GAH!

Well, I took this as a challenge, so I vowed I wasn’t going to squeak when I saw the picture.

And I didn’t. But I must admit that an “Oooooh” did slip out.

Puppies. There’s a dog food commercial running now with puppies, and it’s enough to make me consider lifting my One Dog Only ban.

Trust Eve to link to that one.

I heard a rumor it’s owned by Margeret Cho.

Newf puppies are just SO DARN CUTE.


Now, I respectfully submit a picture or two of my latest terror-in-training, Pirate (who is now 10.5 months old)…
At 8 weeks…
And now, at 10.5 months

Elenfair, your dog isn’t blind in one eye, is it? Or is that just light from the camera making his eyes look different from each other?