I despise Jeopardy (tm)

Did anyone else catch the damn international tournament tonight? If you haven’t been watching they have this tournament with all these winners from other Jeopardy versions in other countries come on and compete. The kicker is that for the majority their second language is English…

So tonight they have some fat, smarmy bitch on Jeopardy from America. And I mean I’m all for America right, but she just wailed on these poor guys and it was like total cheating. I mean the majority of the clues that the gameshow provides necessitate more than just a functional knowledge of English, and that’s pretty damn hard to do as a second language. It’s even harder when the fat smelly bitch sitting next to you is a native speaker and she keeps ringing in.

Anyways, I tried to log on and send Jeopardy a dirty email but there’s no real way to do it except their chat room and I didn’t feel like signing up.

I just wanted to BITCH!

Peter, you’re missing the fun inherent in the format.

This special format for “Jeopardy” is merely misnamed. It’s not international so much as it’s a case of home-field advantage for the Yanks, and those damned Frenchies and Rooskies won’t diss us in our house.

Besides, if the show were to use translators, the time required to tape an episode would be untenable. It would likely take all day to tape one show, rather than the whole week’s shows in one day. They wouldn’t be able to afford prizes as nice as they currently do. :wink:

So when France puts on its own “international” version of “Jeopardy,” I, for one, don’t mind if they conduct the show in French. And if someone ever puts on an “international” variant in South Africa, I won’t gripe if they do it in Xosa. (“Ohhhh, I’m sorry, Bob. You forgot to include the “click-clack” in your response!”)

“Total cheating?” No more so than the decibel levels in a domed stadium. No more so than the thin air at Denver’s Mile High. No more so than the Sherpas enjoy in the Himalayas. It’s called home field advantage. :wink:

If you wanna gripe about “Jeopardy,” gripe about how smug that damned Alex Trebek gets about knowing every answer–never mind that he’s got the friggin’ answers in his hand.

P.S. BTW, would it have made any difference to you if the woman were a tall, skinny bitch?

Since Alex is Canadian, I always wanted this to happen:

Contestant: Alex, What is a yo-yo?

Alex: OOOOHHH, I’m sorry. You didn’t properly phrase that as a question. The correct question is: “What is a yo-yo, eh?”

“Lame Pit Rants for $300, Alex.”

"After typing up this lamest pit rant of all time, the author jumped off a building and saved the world from further stupidification."


“What is PeterWiggen’s Jeopardy Rant?”

"You control the board."

:eek: :smiley:

All this time on the boards and I had no idea my older brother’s been lurking around since June.

Methinks you misspelled your name, though, Mr. Wiggin.
BTW, I had no idea your tv set came with smell-o-vision.

If they really wanted to mix it up on International Jeopardy!, they should bring in Scotland’s own Sean Connery. He’d fix that Trebek. :slight_smile:

The problem wasn’t necessarily the American home field advantage. The questions were geared to literature teachers who happen to be female (notice the stumped looks of the guys who couldn’t answer the final Jeopardy question on French Literature). I am not sure if she is one. Hey it happens, somedays you get football, other days you get shoe fashions.

I think they need even more bizarre questions on Jeopardy.

“6 inches”

“What is ‘The mileage an aircraft carrier would get if it ran on gasoline,’ Alex?”

I love it. cough[sub]Below me[/sub]

Enderw24 said
BTW, I had no idea your tv set came with smell-o-vision

You beat me to it on this one. I never smelled a thing.

OT: Most overweight people I know are acutely aware of the common misconception that “fat people stink” and are even more fastidious that your average Kate Moss, or Calista.



[jerkey boys]

Sir, if you stall like that on the programme, Alex trebeck is likely to cut to a commercial and go over there and punch your jaw loose.

[/jerkey boys]

I’m going to go out on a limb here and chime in with hearty agreement with the OP. It wasn’t simply that the American had a language advantage. Those CLUES! They were most decidedly geared toward the American culture. I remember when I first started noticing this and sort of keeping track, there was one category (something about personalities or some such) in which EVERY SINGLE ANSWER (question, whatever) was an American pop culture personality.

I mean, I can’t blame the American chick for doing as well as she could and kicking butt, but I was quite surprised at the obvious slant of some of the questions.

On the plus side, those international tournament questions in general are MUCH more challenging than normally (ie, more international politics, history, and so on) and are a nice change particularly after those LAME ‘Celebrity’ questions.

That would be the mighty “Diva Las Vegas” category featuring questions about Barbra Streisand, Aretha Franklin, and other American women singers. 3000 points guaranteed to the American. Oh, wait, I forgot, there was a Daily Double in the 1000 row. Bonus points for identifying Tina Turner singing. Something you can be damn sure the Turkish grad student and the extremely cool Estonian guy (cool name “Ott”, cool beard, cool voice) could not do.

That category had no place in an “International Tournament” board. Most of the other categories were pretty neutral, save the “Siegfrieds and Roys” category in round 1. Roy Orbison and Roy Rogers were fine fellows, but they, again, have no place in a supposedly “International Tournament.”

Nothing wrong with throwing in a few questions about American History or even American culture. International does include every nation. But a whole such category on the day the American is playing is just bad planning. The producers and writers should be ashamed. Especially considering how good Monday’s episode with the Russian, the Israeli, and the Dutchman was. (Wasn’t that a joke? “A Russian, an Israeli, and a Dutchman are on an American gameshow…”) Tough clues and some good playing by all concerned.

By the way, do you suppose they told the Turk and the Estonian that American players will buzz in as soon as Alex finishes reading the question and not wait until the indicator light come on? I mean, that would only be good sportsmanship, right?

The fact that Robin Carroll (“the American”) was a Lit major in college and the FJ for that show was on Literature was probably coincidental. Proust is international enough to be gotten. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt there.

I’ll also quote the rest of what drpepper said, because I very much agree with it: "I mean, I can’t blame the American chick for doing as well as she could and kicking butt, but I was quite surprised at the obvious slant of some of the questions.
On the plus side, those international tournament questions in general are MUCH more challenging than normally (ie, more international politics, history, and so on) and are a nice change particularly after those LAME ‘Celebrity’ questions.

An outrageous episode at The Man Who’s house. And I rooted hard for Robin at last year’s Tournament of Champions, too. Too bad. I’ve sort of soured on her, through no real fault of her own.

-The Man Who

Even day-to-day Jeopardy bugs me sometimes. My goodness, do you know just HOW MUCH U.S. specific trivia is on there? I’m pretty good at all categories except stuff like “Tell us this obscure U.S. president’s name by looking at all the letters mixed up”.


Not true, it just looks that way on TV because the indicator lights are not shown on-screen. Players are locked out until the stagehand with the laptop hits the button that turns the lights on, which he is trained to do as soon as Alex finishes. The same procedures are used worldwide.

Whatever else one may think of Proust, he was certainly not American.

Their e-mail address used to be jeopardy@sony.com . I once sent them a nasty note about a wrong answer they gave, but I never got a response. I agree that it seems unfair to allow native speakers of English to compete in the international championship. I would not, however, agree that Robin is a “fat smarmy bitch.”

[littleteenynitpick]He was Danish, not Dutch.[/littleteenynitpick]

I agree with you all about the American having a huge advantage and I don’t think she should have been allowed to compete. The first night’s competition (with the Dane! :slight_smile: ) was fantastic, though. Did anyone feel a little sorry for the older man last night (I can’t remember where he was from) when he got the nitrous oxide question wrong?

I would have to agree with OP as well. I believe that if you are gonna have an International Tourney, then it better damn well not have a slant towards any country. The categories have been decidely pro-American. Especially after watching the championship today, I have decided that they shouldn’t have let an American in. I have otherwise loved to see the other nationalities of people compete. It is an interesting change.

The final Jep. category last night is The United Nations.
They ask what is at the center of the UN Emblem. One guy answers “the earth globe” and gets it wrong. There is a north-pol projection map at the center of the emblem, so they considered the American contestant’s answer of “the north pole” correct.

hey alex trebek, [jerky boys] this is not good business! [/jerky boys]