Jeopardy! 2022-23

New episodes start today, 12 September.


We’ve been filling our time with Classic Concentration, which ran from like 1988-1990, with Trebek as host. It is shown on Buzzer,

I laughed in one game, where he meant to say “there is only one wild card in this game” but instead said “there is only one Daily Double”. Oops!

Not fair he got two game shows on the air at the same time! :slight_smile:

Is there a reason we need a new thread? The old thread started as a James Holzhauer appreciation thread and morphed to a general Jeopardy thread. It’s not like we’ve had new threads for every season.

I’m thinking the same thing…

“12 Downing Street” ?? When “10” was in the clue!

Ken said that in the first round, every question was answered correctly. He didn’t say the first answer was the correct one. There were a number of flubs: since when does San Diego have a Pier 39?

That’s what I gathered from his comment. There were misses, but each time the correct answer followed.

If Tim had won they would have to change the show to 35 minutes.

The previous thread started as a new thread for the new year. The thread before that was the one that started as the James holzhauer thread, and ended when several people in it suggested making a new thread for the new year.

Hmmm. Okay, I hadn’t remembered that.

Are we going to close the old Jeopardy thread to prevent confusion, then?

That was a face-palmer!

At least they didn’t answer 221B.

Her answer for Final Jeopardy was also kind of out there. Bells with French names? What could it be but “Hunchback”? And she answered “Don Quixote,” which isn’t even a 19th-century novel.

Wasn’t Todd Rundgren’s “bang on the drum” a euphemism for masturbation? If so, funny to see it on Jeopardy.

No, he wrote it for when the Packers scored a touchdown.

I noticed Ken is now “the host” of Jeopardy!, not “hosting”.

Going into FJ yesterday:

Challenger April had $16,600
Champion Luigi had $15,700
Challenger Justin had $11,000

(BTW, yes, this was a great game.)

Justin bet $1500 and missed; ended with $9500.
Luigi bet $15699 and was correct; ended with $31399
April bet $1801 and was correct; ended with $18401.

Like most everybody else, I was mystified by April’s bet. However, she took to Reddit to explain it. She said that her wager was the result of a transcription error from her scratch paper, and she had intended to make the cover bet of $14801 but transcribed the incorrect number onto her screen.

Hopefully she will be invited back for a Second Chance tourney, which is scheduled to take place in October of 2023.

What? Why?

She messed up. Dems da breaks.

Would have been funny if everyone got it wrong and her mess up saved her.

Because she was a good player who didn’t win a game. And that’s who gets invited to the Second Chance tournament.

Too bad. They’ll all good players, and two out of three lose every day. That’s what happens.

When did this second chance thing start? I’ve never heard of it. It’s not like they are hurting for contestants.

The first one is next month, I believe.

Don’t blame me. It was a decision made the producers.