I Did Something Wrong (not knowing, now I know)

Drama on this end. It just isn’t my drama. I do want to make the situation right somehow.

Hubby got a PO Box because we have had problems getting our mail. Well we hadn’t been going to check it and he told me to go and check the box today, so I did. I reach in the box and there are 3 things in there. One thing of his and, 1 thing for the previous box owner and a small package addressed to no one. This is how it looked on the outside.

Return Address Said:

To: (left blank)
Town, State, Zip

So I gather the things from the mail and drop the Fit Pregnancy Magazine (take note of that) back in the mail because this was addressed to the previous box owner.

I go home and look again at the package before I open it and determine that there is no way that I can tell if the package was for us or not. I couldn’t even make out exactly from where the package was mailed. I open the package and there is a small box enclosed with a 2 page letter. The letter started out like this…names changed to protect the not so innocent…

Hey Vicki, I couldn’t agree with you more about us committing a sin against God…

That is where I should have stopped, because the name was the first name of the previous box holder. But I didn’t stop. I could kick my butt for not, but curiosity had done set in. How can you start a letter like that and not be curious. Wild things were going thru my mind. Like what if these people have killed someone or something and I just stumbled on a murder cover up plot.

After reading the next few sentences I soon determine that is not the case…

My wife, if that is what you want to call her…skip…

…And that brings me to this, you now say you are pregnant and this child could be mine…

Holy Shit!!! :eek: Yep, they don’t send those magazines just because you are thinking about getting pregnant, she’s pregnant loverboy. No need to go thru the rest of the letter. You get the drift. Unless of course there could be a name and address at the end of the letter to which I can send the gift and note back too because Vicki obviously isn’t getting her mail at her new address because loverboy won’t put a return address or even address the mail period to lovergirl.

Eeegads. How do I get myself into these things? Why am I feeling so guilty when I’m not the one cheating and pregnant? All I did was go and check the mail. Innocently open a package that wasn’t mine and get looped into this cheap tawdry love affair of a letter.

I want this girl to get her note and gift from loverboy. It isn’t mine to keep. My idea is to resend the gift and note to our PO Box, but put her name on it and hopefully with her name on it, it will get automatically forwarded to her new address? What do you all think about that idea? What would you do? Should I enclose a note of my own that states that she should tell loverboy not to send anymore stuff to the box with no name and explain why I opened it in the first place? Is that the right thing to do? And why am I so worried about doing the right thing, they obviously weren’t.

I keep telling myself this isn’t my fault. I know it isn’t. It just isn’t helping. Eeeeek! :eek:

What was in the little box?

From the letter Otto I gathered they might be Christians. Please don’t laugh at that last comment. It is a nice wooden ornament of an angel with her hands in a praying position. I’m not kidding. :eek:

I’m so freaking out right now. I feel like the cat that ate the bird and it isn’t my fault.

You shouldn’t feel bad for opening it. It wasn’t clearly addressed. Give it to the postmaster and ask them to forward it, and maybe write the name “Vicki” on the envelope. I wouldn’t worry about leaving a note in the package; the recipient should be able to tell that it was a poorly labeled envelope.

That was a weirdly labeled package though. Weren’t you afraid it was a bomb?

That never crossed my mind about anything funny going on with the package. It’s Christmas time and thought it could be from anyone of our friends sending something to us. Then again, I would like to think our friends would properly address a package.

I agree with the suggestions to see if the postmaster can forward it; if not, don’t feel bad about pitching it. Maybe the guy doesn’t have her current mailing address for a reason, you know?

I think before we can comment we need to read the entire text of the letter :wink:

And…you’re sure it’s not…Mr. Kicker’s handwriting…right?
Not to plant seeds or anything. OK…bad metaphor.

When I lived in an apartment building in Boston, I went and bought a scanner because I needed it for my flying lessons. I brought it home, turned it on, hit scan, and then it scanned for a while and then I heard a cordless phone conversation from somewhere in the area. Huh, I didn’t know it would do that. I hit scan again. It picked up another one. I heard:

Female: “Where’s your wife right now?”
Male: “She’s in the kitchen making dinner.”
Female: “Is this safe?”
Male: “Yeah, it’s fine. She never comes in here. She thinks I’m working”
Distant Wife Voice: “Who are you talking to?”
Male: “MY SISTER”.
Female: “So, are you going to come see me this weekend?”
Male: “Yeah, my wife knows I am going on a business trip but she thinks it starts on Sunday. Can I meet you at Hilton Head?”

I quit listening at that point but I can personally attest to the fact that this kind of thing is absolutely rampant just from the things that I have seen, friends, family, and co-workers try to pull off.

Egads, yes forward it on or throw it away.

I inadvertantly opened a letter that was intended for the adult daughter of the previous homeowner. It was a nasty letter from an ex lover, asking for her to return the money she was lent and included details about her drug use and trouble with the law. There was no return address just a Texas postmark. Iwasn’t about to forward to her parents who lived in a nearby city. I threw it away.

I freaked a month later when the local paper had an article about the murder suicide of this woman and her live in boyfriend. At first they didnt’ know who killed the couple, and I could only think about that jilted ex lover who wrote that creepy letter. :eek: