I didn't cry.

For the first time in 14 years I made it through Feb 27th without crying. It would have been my son’s 47th birthday.

That’s all. A small victory.

For me it was Dad three days and 14 years ago and in much less dire circumstances, but damn, I was fucked up all day.

Want chocolate? hovers chocolate within reach of disk drive

Crying was just as much a victory I think, because no one wanted you to.

Glad for you anyhow.

No, my family understands. It was me that wanted to get through.
My husband wanted to take the day off so I wouldn’t be alone, but I made him go to work. He called several times, last time at 10:30 PM to say good night, and that he loves me.

Congratulations seems like the wrong word, but you triumphed over your own emotions through sheer force of will and I can’t think of a better word to acknowledge that. Congratulations.

Just thinking of how sweet and supportive your hubby was to you yesterday. No doubt that was a source of strength for you. I’m glad you got through the way you wanted to get through nurse!


This is small potatoes next to what you go through annually, but February 27 is a tough day for me too.

It’s the birthday of my beloved aunt, with whom (as my mom was a single mom) I spent a lot of time when I was growing up. She died way too young just over 33 years ago; I have so many great memories of her.

February 27 was also the day her mother, my grandmother, died exactly 20 years ago. Our family on my mom’s side was quite small, so these two great ladies, along with my mom, had so much to do with mine being a happy childhood.

I can’t imagine anything that could be more difficult to deal with than the death of a child. My thoughts are with you.

I’m sorry for your loss, and your husband sounds like a wonderfully supportive person.

I’ve gone through this to a much, much lesser degree than you have, so can I ask you a question (and feel free not to answer)-- Has the fact that you didn’t mourn his loss the same way you did for the past 14 years affected you?

I’m glad that for your small victories. Every little one helps to bring more peace. Bless you.

You have my respect.

I am sorry for your loss. !

You have a wonderful husband, keep him around!