I didn't expect the snow

I just opened the blinds, and it’s snowing outside. Huge, heavy flakes that are plummeting rather than floating down, since it’s 35ºF this morning. It’s not sticking. I don’t have to drive today, but roomie should have gotten off work about 15 minutes ago. She’ll get to drive in it. It’ll turn to rain soon enough. The high today is expected to be 47º.

Nobody expects the huge, heavy snow!

…or the Spanish Inquisition.

Well, someone was going to say it. :cool:

I knew I could count on you guys! :stuck_out_tongue:

Roomie just walked in. She said it’s sticking about half a mile away. Now that I look again, I see some goose-feather flakes that aren’t immediately melting.

Our snow is melting away now. I think the temperature has been above freezing the whole day.

Unless you live in the Upper Peninsula of MI.


I want this damn winter to be OVER!

I said it last year, I’m saying it again, we’re headed for an ice age… no one listens… Just wait, when a glacier is creeping down I-5, then they’ll listen.

That reminds me of (I think) a Far Side cartoon. Two cavemen are looking at a wall of ice just outside of their cave: ‘Glacier any closer today, Og?’

It looks like it’s about 38º out now. The little bit of snow that stuck is gone. Now it just looks wet.