I didn't get the job

A lame rant, perhaps. But that job I interviewed for at Half Price Books.

Dammit. I didn’t really expect to get it, but it would have been soooo sweet.

Full time, and after so many weeks, full medical AND dental. Working at a BOOK STORE. Something I’d be so good at.

I swear, if something doesn’t come up SOON, I’ll scream. Good god, at this rate I’ll have dentures by the time I’m thirty.
I don’t want to lose my teeth!

Ack! That sucks for you. I feel your pain, and hope something good comes around soon. Chin up! :slight_smile:

Everytime I didn’t get a job that I really wanted, something even better was just around the corner.

hey Guin–do you live in(or near) a college or university? Often, dental schools will offer treatment at very low prices. Also you may want to check out ada.org for free or low cost dental care. It may require a drive for you but I think it is at least worth looking into.

Yes-Pittsburgh is home to many colleges. That’s an idea. I’ll check into it.


Sorry to hear about that, Guin. Hope something else comes along.

Regarding ketuah’s suggestion, it can certainly save you money, but you have to put up with a fair bit in return, from what i hear.

I go to a university that has one of the top two or three medical schools in the country (i’m not sure where their dental section ranks), and i’ve heard a few nightmare stories from grad students who have gone to the dental school to save money.

Every dental student gets to prod around in your mouth, and they either treat you like absolute shit or pretend that you don’t even exist outside your oral cavity. One friend was in there for over three hours for a procedure that should have taken about 45-60 minutes, and had been poked and scraped and drilled or whatever so many times by so many students that she was in terrible pain and crying by the time she left. She said that, no matter how much she needed to save money, she would never go back there for dental work ever again.

FWIW I had 2 wisdom teeth removed at the Northwestern U. Dental School, and have nothing but kind words to say about the dentist who performed the procedure, and about the clinic as a whole. He actually caught an issue in taking my history that my regular dentist had missed in performing yearly examinations ever since I’ve had teeth (i.e. that people with mitral valve prolapse should take amoxicillin before invasive procedures, including dental cleanings).

All that, at about 1/3 the price of uninsured care by a regular oral surgeon. It’s worth a try.

Guinastasia, believe me, I do sympathize with you. At the beginning of January, I signed up with four temp agencies for temporary clerical work. So far, only 1 of them has come up with something. Yesterday, I wound up doing data entry with another temp who didn’t know how to do Ctrl+C. I don’t want to be arrogant about my skills, but I did get a bit impatient with her a few times, I’m afraid. She really didn’t know how to hold down the Control key while pressing the letter C.

I wish I’d know you were applying at Half-Price Books – a friend of mine works there and I might have been able to get her to put in a good word for you. In the meantime, despite yesterday’s experience, you might want to try temping. I can send you the names of all 4 agencies, including the one that is finding me work.

Good luck, and hang in there,

I had wisdom teeth pulled at Chicago’s Circle Campus School of Dentistry. It cost about $18 compared to $150 at a regular dentist. I didn’t mind it at all, except it was kind of a hike for me. Good option for good dental care.

I’m sorry, Guin. I was really expecting you to get this one. Hang in there. Something will come along.


I’m sorry for your disappointment Guinastasia, but as sucky as it is now, and as stupidly cliche’ as it is to say (sorry) these things usually happen for a reason.

Hang in there!!!

Every time I didn’t get the job I wanted, there was an even crappier one just around the corner, that I had to take out of sheer economic desperation.

But seriously, Guin , hang in there. Something good will happen, eventually.

I, too, feel your pain. The last two months for me have been an unending series of doors slamming in my face. Just today I found out a firm I was really, really interested in elected to pass because my experience didn’t neatly fit their practice area. It seems like no one needs a corporate lawyer these days… sigh :frowning:

I’ll echo the good wishes of the above posters, Guin. Good things happen to good people – and yer definitely good people. Keep your chin up and you will soon find what you’re looking for.

I’m sorry…((((Hugs)))) As the above poster said, keep your chin up…something will happen!!!

Yet another person lines up to feel Guin’s pain.

In fact, I was gonna post a thread about this myself the other day. Been job hunting for over a month now. Just plain old retail - coffee shops, bookstores, clothing stores, part-time. I’ve called about 45 different businesses. I’ve filed maybe 20 applications with businesses that claimed to be hiring. I am not exaggerating, that’s an actual estimate.

And to this date, not ONE has called me back. I called one of my references, who said no one has contacted her about me. I have not even sat in on an interview in this entire six-week period. I talked to the student job center the other day, and they were baffled.

I really don’t understand what’s going on. Can the economy actually BE so far down the shitter that even something like a GROCERY STORE doesn’t have an opening? If I can’t get work by, say, April, what the hell am I supposed to do?

Sorry to hear that, Guin. It did sound like a cool job. I hope you can hang in there a while longer – I’m sure something will come up.

Don’t know if these kinds of stories help or not, but I had quite a struggle finding a job over the summer. I graduated in May with about three dollars left to my name, and no job prospects. I managed to get a temporary field research job (about 5 days), hit it off with the guy I was working for, and he forwarded my resume to the person I am currently working for. I was offered a great job and I’m very happy now – but it took a while to happen.

So keep at those applications – even when you don’t hear back from people or they turn you down initially, they can sometimes call up out of the blue a month later. Not that I’m promising anything, but it helps.

I’m going to think about temping. It would be easier if my dad would quit telling me to get a job. Easy for him to say-he HAS a job.

grumble grumble

I’ve done temping, it’s not a bad gig. Good luck, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

I’m sorry the job didn’t come through for you, Guin. It’s painful to miss out on something you want badly. Just keep plugging away, though, any way you can. This is no great shakes as far as wisdom goes, but IME pure cross-grained persistence goes a long way toward counteracting bad breaks. A lot of getting along in life consists of just showing up in the first place. You’ll make it.

I do encourage you to at least check out the local dental school public clinics, though. You won’t know until you at least look, and it’d be a positive step toward removing one of your pressing worries. FWIW my-cousin-the-dentist spoke very highly of her time in a training clinic. She said it was nerve-wracking because they were monitored so closely and constantly, but the patients got excellent care. Anybody even looking like they were about to screw up got stopped in their tracks. She said it was probably the most rigorously quality controlled treatment going.

Anyway, best of luck to you.