I didn't know google could do that! (Newspaper articles)

So, I just now was trying to find something by the philosopher Donald Davidson, and did a google search to that end; what google gave me was a scanned article in an issue of the Milwaukee Sentinel from 1947 (!), the keywords I’d entered (‘Davidson immortality’) highlighted in the graphic.

Has google always been able to do that, or is this a new capacity? I mean, I know about google books, but over 60-year old newspapers? How extensive is the archive it searches? Is there a way to exclusively search newspaper articles, like ‘newspaper:Milwaukee Sentinel’?

Apparently this feature has been around for some time, but their archive was dramatically increased about a year ago (says wiki, and I’m too lazy to look for a better cite). For a direct News Archive Search, go here. The “Advanced Search” feature will allow you to specify the publication, if you like, as well as publication date range.

Holy cow! That’s awesome! That’ll really help with research! Yay!