I didn't know I liked that singer/group!

Growing up our local [del]Black[/del] urban contemporary radio station went off the air at sundown due to some FCC related stuff. My mother would then switch to one of the rock/pop stations on the FM dial. So I had a little variety in my musical diet but was mainly an R&B /rap kind of guy.

Sometime in the 80’s Dionne Warwick & Friends release That’s What Friends Are For. The friends were Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight and some guy named Elton John. My reaction was ‘who is the White guy messing up the song* and what’s he doing in the video anyway?’. Time passes…

So I’m listening to a hits and oldies station and on comes Your Song and Rocket Man . I realized I liked both those songs way back when from listening to rock/pop radio. This was the same artist who I thought didn’t belong in the TWFAF video. I didn’t put 2 and 2 together all this time.

What artists did you discover that you’re a fan of?

*TWFAF was great song. No shame in my game.

Last night I was at a family wedding, and they played a lot of urban music. I thought one song was pretty catchy so I asked my daughter who it was.

Who knew that I liked Usher?

Was it this one? Red Light - Usher

I had plucked several songs I liked from satellite radio origin. Found out later one of them was called “Pepper” and it was by a band called The Butthole Surfers.

Who knew? :o

I’m supposed to be entering the Easy Listenin’ years, of Michael Buble and Norah Jones (both of whom I do enjoy) - but I have songs by the following burned to a CD in my car: Iggy Pop, House of Pain, Cold Cave, Akon, Run DMC, Coolio, and Electric Six.

I hadn’t realized that Billy Joel’s radio songs belonged to the same singer until shortly before the CD era. Because a lot of them sounded like 50 era songs.