I didn't realize there were certified Retirement Communities.

Still a decade away from retiring but we may move from the city to a smaller town.

The baby boomers are ahead of us as usual. This article estimates 76 million baby boomers will be retiring. A lot of programs are starting to accommodate them. I’ve always been a decade behind that generation. :smiley: Getting their sloppy seconds.

Some states have programs that designate certain small towns as certified Retirement Communities.

Seems like a good start for anyone beginning the search for somewhere to relocate and retire.


How have you missed this commercial

There are several 55+ communities where I used to live. What surprised me was how big some of the houses were.
You’d think retired people would want to downsize a little.

It may be an easy way to designate the appropriate exceptions from age discrimination concerns.

Medical care is a big concern after retirement. It’s important that a small town has reasonably close access to a bigger city.

My hometown for example has really gone downhill. They were a regional medical center with good doctors. A lot of those doctor left and weren’t replaced. Any specialized treatment requires appointments in Little Rock. A 2 hour drive away. They use medivac helicopter flights in emergencies to get patients to Little Rock.

That’s why I won’t be retiring and moving back to my hometown. It’s just not suitable and doesn’t offer what we need.

Cool story bruh.

Notice that the States with these “programs” are all Hell-Holes nobody with two or more functioning brain cells would even consider?

Hey y’all - come on down to Mississippi - we got some real nice places for old people with steady incomes!

Ummm, I’ll just take my chances somewhere at least a few points above absolute last in dozens of metrics, thanks…

Certification requirements differ from state to state, and not every state has a certification process. This is more of a marketing program than a quality assurance program. I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in some city or community being “certified”.

Not just retirement communities.
When I was driving around southern Va./Tenn./W. Va. recently, I noticed a plethora of signs announcing that this or that road was a certified technology corridor. Presumably the respective state will give out tax breaks to any “technology” company interested in locating there. I didn’t see any evidence that anyone has taken them up on the offer. It probably was worth a few votes in some past local election though.