I didn't see another thread but Happy Samhain Pagan Dopers

I will take some special time out to remember the dead late in the evening. Lighting candles and thinking of the things to come.

So whate are you guys gonna do?

Don’t know what Samiam is, unless you mean that kid’s book.

And I’m not pagan, but atheist. We party too. Beer and orange cookies, I think is on the menu.:slight_smile:

Me, I went and embarassed Polycarp elsewhere in this forum. I’ve also sent good wishes to a couple of good Wiccan friends.


Someone with a name of John Barleycorn not knowing Samhain? That boggles my mind since it is a song of harvest that most of the area pagans have claimed as their own.

Anyway, for those that are interested and don’t know: Samhain is the pagan holiday that corresponds with Halloween where you remember your dead. It is as much introspective where you look and think of how departed loved ones have affected you as well as plans for the future (depending one which circle you follow).

Quick History Link at witchvox if you want to read more about it.

Why, thanks for the Samhain (pronounced SOW’in) blessings!

And may you enjoy the holiday in whatever way you celebrate it, if you celebrate it, too!

WE had to hold our celebration off untill last night. Bummer when your High Priestess has to work.
We went off to a little local park where there was an old graveyard, near the river. It was already dark, so don’t you know just after we got the mobile altar set up, and the illuminators burning, along comes the Park Ranger. Thank the L&L for sending an understanding fellow. He saw all the candles were in good holders, and the cakes and ale sitting out, and instead of chasing us out of the park, asked when we’d be finished. Although we were there much longer than we estimated, he never returned.
We looked a sight, five women eating sloppy joes and potatoe salad.
Best rite I’d been to in ages. Even the ritual virgin had a blast. (It was her first circle, you pervs!)